Sundays for the Subs: Flag Burning, Iran, and More…

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  • 09/21/2022

In the latest episode of Sundays are for the Subs, Will Chamberlain, Raheem Kassam, and Ian Miles Cheong discuss the hot topic of flag burning, the Trump administration's Iran policy, and more.

Will, Raheem, and Ian began by covering the recent flag burning controversy. They debated whether burning the American flag should be amended against or continue to be protected under freedom of speech. Some things they considered were the Revolutionary War and colonists destroying British flags while still under the King's rule; as well as the possibility of creating an inverse effect where individuals burn flags in protest.


"If you make it illegal to burn the flag, I think the only response is to burn the flag," Ian Miles Cheong stated.

Will Chamberlain continued: "It's terrible optics, throwing people in jail for expressing an opinion. It's a great way to lose anyone who's classically liberal in that respect."

Another main topic discussed was Iran and the Trump administration's potential policy decisions towards the nation after the destruction of tankers in the Gulf of Oman. "I don't think the correct response is a military invasion - at all. Or anything close to it," Chamberlain said.

Raheem Kassam added, "The slower-burn stuff, like the sanctions and, as Ian said, material assistance or moral support to rebel movements, is far more likely to [put the U.S.] in the situation we want to end up in than outright just pointing fingers and going in there all guns blazing."

Before bringing some Founding Fathers on to ask questions and discuss other topics, the three talked about different publications and movements within conservatism. Chamberlain and Kassam explained what led them to revive Human Events and the other ideas they tossed around prior to their final decision.



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