Kassam: Trump UK Visit Was ’10 Out of 10′

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  • 09/21/2022

President Donald Trump's UK visit has "been nothing short of ten out of ten. Trump and his entire family have knocked it out of the park," the Editor-in-Chief of Human Events told The Buck Sexton Show.

Raheem Kassam joined Buck Sexton this week to discuss the President's State Visit to the UK. The two also discussed at length comments made by London's Mayor Sadiq Khan about the U.S. President.

"The top issues of trade, Brexit, NATO, and defense spending have all been covered. And there's broad agreement on both sides of the Atlantic on those issues. So I think we might be seeing a resurgence in a sort of UK / U.S. special relationship."

Kassam compares the growing special relationship to that of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.\



Referencing the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May, Kassam added, "Britain is now waiting to see who our Margaret Thatcher may be."

"Khan's not just doing a disservice and disrespect to the President and to the country of the United States of America. He is also doing a disservice to Britain." - Raheem Kassam

Leading up to and during Trump's UK Visit, London Mayor Sadiq Khan made no shortage of comments against the U.S. President.

Khan wrote an opinion-editorial for The Guardian newspaper discouraging pomp and circumstance during the President's visit.

"It’s so un-British to be rolling out the red carpet this week for a formal state visit for a president whose divisive behaviour flies in the face of the ideals America was founded upon – equality, liberty and religious freedom."

Kassam knocked back Khan's comments.

"Khan's not just doing a disservice and disrespect to the President and to the country of the United States of America. He is also doing a disservice to Britain."

"Britains don't want to be represented by Sadiq Khan. London may have chosen Sadiq Khan as their mayor. But you get outside of London, actually the respect for the United States and whoever its president may be is rather large."

Discussing Khan's record, Kassam noted that as a lawyer Khan represented known-antisemite Louis Farrakhan.

The mayor also recently put a Muslim group responsible for female genital mutilation at the center of a London event.

In an opinion-editorial Kassam wrote for Human Events earlier this week, he further explains the mayor's record.

"Violent crime in London is at all time highs. Traffic and congestion in the capital is horrendous. The Tube is creaking. Massive public projects like Crossrail are delayed and over budget. Homelessness is rife."



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