The top 10 Hollywood hypocrites

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  • 08/21/2022

We know, we know – it’s hard to boil down the list to just 10 Hollywood loons, but we’ll give it a try anyway. We scoured Jason Mattera’s latest New York Times bestseller, Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers, to bring you the worse of the worse.

As Mattera says in his book, this is less about hypocrisy and more about the fact that not even Obama’s staunchest allies live by the same lefty policies they seek to impose on the rest of America.

In no particular order, here you go….

10.  Whoopi Goldberg erroneously plays the race card on "The View" against Obama’s critics, even flat-out saying "I’m playing the damn [race] card now." Yet the self-appointed investigator of all things racist proved impervious to real racial offense when her then-boyfriend Ted Danson dressed in black face and carpet bombed a Friars Club audience with the N-word, a routine that Whoopi not only approved of but helped craft.

9. Spike Lee. Speaking of those oblivious to their own racist sins, Spike has blasted Colin Powell and Clarence Thomas for "think[ing] like whites" and chided fellow black filmmaker Tyler Perry for producing "coonery and buffoonery." Yet when Spike was promoting his movie Bamboozled, he took out ads featuring a "child with frizzy hair eating watermelon." The ad was considered so distasteful and offensive that even the New York Times refused to run it.

8. Michael Moore scolded Hollywood in 2008 for taking subsidies from states in the form of tax credits to produce their movies. "Why do they [large corporate movie studios] need our money from Michigan, from our taxpayers?" Moore proclaimed. Good point. Now fast-forward to 2010 and Moore took more than $1 million from those same Michigan taxpayers for filming part of his socialist propaganda movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, in that state. The movie grossed Moore more than $17 million in total.

7. Alec Baldwin. Forget for a moment that he actually wrote a book on parenting after he left his 11-year-old daughter a voicemail calling her a "rotten little pig."  The Father of the Year railed against the evils of big banks raiding the taxpayers for bailout money in 2008, writing this in the Huffington Post: "To hell with Wall Street…Don’t give them the money. Don’t loan it." Then three years later he became the pitchman for Capitol One, which received $3.56 billion of that very same bailout money he got all worked up about.

6.  Harrison Ford is the chairman of a global conservation group and he got his chest waxed on camera to bring awareness to climate change. Yet the aging Indiana Jones owns seven airplanes and has stated, "I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger."

5. Another environmental fraud is Barbara Streisand who harps about a "Global Warming Emergency" as she spends $22,000 a year watering her lawn and gardens, requests 120 bath-size towels upon arrival at production offices, and uses thirteen, 53-foot semi trailers at her concerts.

4. Cameron Diaz says that the "planet needs a publicist" and goes around on camera asking Americans if they know how to protect their bodies from the pollutants unloaded into the environment. She also likes "hugging trees." And in her spare time, she declares, "weed is awesome" and exhales a smoke ring or five of marijuana.

3. Arianna Huffington, the creator of the most influential progressive media platform, is a priestess in a very little known cult pronounced "Messiah," a cult where she swears divinity to a former school teacher who goes by the name John-Roger. John-Roger argues that he is higher than Jesus Christ. And when she wasn’t chanting weird names to a diminutive weird guy, Huffington suckered 9,000 bloggers and celebrities to write for her for free and then sold the Huffington Post to the corporate behemoth AOL for more than $300 million… as she spent the last decade denouncing corporate greed.

2.  Bruce Springsteen endlessly condemns giving tax breaks to the wealthy. In fact, his recent track "Jack of all Trades" slams the bankers who grow" fatter while the "working man grows thin." And his song "Death To My Hometown" alleges that American families have not been hit hard by the disasters of violence, wars, hurricanes and the like, but rather by the left’s favorite bogeymen—the evil one percenters! Funny thing is the one-percenter Springsteen himself writes off 98 percent of his property taxes on 200 acres of his land in New Jersey by having a part-time farmer come grow organic tomatoes. The Boss is taking advantage of an arcane law in New Jersey that was passed in 1964.

1. The biggest celebrity of them all, our American Idol-in-Chief, Barack Obama. He and his wife hector the rest of us about eating healthy and the evils of fried and salty foods, while they are photographed wolfing down chili dogs, French fries, and ice cream bars. Barack’s reputation for eating trash is so well known in the fast food world that he even has a burger named after him. One restaurant in Boston unveiled the "Obama Pizza Burger" this election cycle.


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