Top 10 Liberal Cities

Ranked by the editors of HUMAN EVENTS.

10. Seattle, Wash.
Well known for its environmentalist population. Home of Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott (ACU lifetime: 2%; 2005: 0%) who once claimed Saddam Hussein is more credible than President Bush and omitted the words “under God” when leading the Pledge of Allegiance on the House floor. Location of Clinton’s 1999 WTO meetings marked by rioters protesting globalism, where more than 500 people were arrested.

9. Newark, N.J.
One of the most densely populated and crime-ridden cities in the country. Liberal Democratic Rep. Donald Payne (ACU lifetime: 3%; 2005: 0%), who has been easily reelected since taking office in 1998, said the war in Iraq could “have been avoided through diplomacy” and defended Kofi Annan in oil-for-food scandals. Easily the most liberal city in the Democratic enclave of New Jersey.

8. Berkeley, Calif.
Known as home to liberal University of California. Represented by Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee (ACU lifetime: 4%; 2005 4%). Denied rent subsidy to the Sea Scouts because its parent organization, the Boy Scouts, excludes gays and atheists. According to The Almanac of American Politics, city council in 2004 passed resolution demanding “censure of President Bush for a litany of grievances.”

7. Madison, Wis.
Represented by Democrat Tammy Baldwin (ACU lifetime: 3%; 2005: 0%), a public lesbian who has pushed for extension of hate crime protection to people victimized because of gender, sexual orientation and disabilities. City Council supported a “cities for peace” resolution before the Iraq War began. Was one of 24 Wisconsin cities that supported a “Bring the Troops Home Now” referendum advocating immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

6. Portland, Ore.
A “livable community” that enacted an “urban growth boundary” that has caused high housing costs in the city that champions a regional light rail transit system, curbside recycling and land use planning, attracting political and cultural liberals. Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer (ACU lifetime: 5%; 2005: 4%), who represents the city, pushes a far-left environmental agenda.

5. Washington, D.C.
A reliably Democratic city that has three electoral votes in every presidential election. Known for irresponsible, bloated government run by liberal Democrats. Handguns banned, residents effectively prohibited from using guns to defend themselves in their homes.

4. Detroit, Mich.
Home of liberal Democratic Representatives Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (ACU lifetime: 5%) and John Conyers (ACU lifetime: 5%). The first “automobile city” in America, now known for its high crime rate and unemployment. The Almanac of American Politics notes that it was “a city where liberal reformers hoped to create model anti-poverty and anti-discrimination programs.” Named “Most Liberal City” by non-partisan Bay Area Center for Voting Research in 2005.

3. New York, N.Y.
Represented by several leftists, including Jerry Nadler, Gregory Meeks, Anthony Weiner and Charlie Rangel, 20 of New York’s 29 representatives earned an “F” grade from the NTU. According to Guttmacher Institute, has double the national average of abortions. Still attempting to sue the gun industry and requires firearm registration on top of the state’s already restrictive handgun licensing law.

2. Boston, Mass.
Once represented by liberal Democrat Tip O’Neill, Boston (8th District) is now represented by Democrat Michael Capuano (ACU lifetime: 5%; 2005: 4%). The Almanac of American Politics labels the 8th District “by far the most Democratic district” in liberal Massachusetts. Mayor Thomas Menino blames city’s crime problem on guns from New Hampshire.

1. San Francisco, Calif.
The home of liberal Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (ACU lifetime rating: 3%; 2005: 0%) once claimed leftist Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein as its mayor. Current Mayor Gavin Newsom gave out same-sex marriage licenses in 2004 in violation of a state law. Board of Supervisors banned smoking in public parks, passed a resolution urging impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney and refused to accept the World War II battleship U.S.S. Iowa. Voters approved a handgun ban last November.