French prosecutors launch investigation into National Rally leader Marine Le Pen over 'campaign financing' after leftists coalesce to limit her power

An investigation has been launched into right-wing French leader Marine Le Pen over allegations of illicit campaign financing during the 2022 presidential election cycle, Paris prosecutors confirmed Tuesday to the Associated Press.

Le Pen, leader of the right-wing National Rally (NR), has been accused of accepting a financial loan, misappropriation of property, fraud, and forgery. The probe was launched on July 2 in response to a 2023 report filed by the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Financing, prosecutors said.

This comes after Le Pen's populist party had a stunning victory in June, defeating the far-left New Popular Front (NFP) and President Macron's Ensemble Alliance in the European elections in France. However, the results of the election were overturned following a snap election on Sunday, in which the NFP won the most seats in parliament followed by the Ensemble Alliance.

Critics contended that the investigation is a witch hunt, as Le Pen is not the sole politician under investigation; but is the only one who has been publicly named.

Le Pen was threatened by French prosecutors last year with a potential one million euro fine and up to ten years in prison in response to allegations of misusing European Union (EU) funds. In the past, Le Pen was targeted by prosecutors for disseminating violent messages after she posted images of Islamic State atrocities. However, she was acquitted by the courts who acknowledged Le Pen was not glorifying jihadists, but rather criticizing them, as per the the National Pulse.

Furthermore, the National Rally party was singled out in 2012 for allegedly exaggerating expenses on campaign items used during that year's legislative elections. The NR was ordered to pay a fine after the Court of Cassation rejected its appeal.

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