HUMAN EVENTS: Hunter Biden’s conviction proves nothing

As of yesterday, President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is now a convicted felon. Specifically, he is guilty of having lied when applying to purchase a firearm. He said he wasn’t a drug addict. It may surprise you to learn that his saying this is a crime and not a laugh line on SNL.

Nevertheless, Hunter Biden is guilty of three crimes, none of which regularly results in prison time even for normal people, and which for him will amount to little more than a slap on the wrist before he goes back to laundering foreign money for “the big guy.” Oh, joy. America’s justice system has been vindicated. This totally makes up for them convicting a former president for the first time in history in a show trial that would make a Soviet commissar blush…

…said no one ever.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re glad Hunter Biden got convicted of something. It’s table scraps, but it’s better than seeing a jury decide it’s no big deal if a drug addict owns guns, provided his father has a (D) next to his name. But it’s not enough to make up for what the Democrats have done to the justice system, to President Trump, or (especially) to America. In fact, it’s clearly meant to give cover to the Democrats for all of the above, which is yet one more reason why we are unimpressed.

You have only to look at the reactions of left-wingers on X/Twitter to see this true purpose demonstrated. The ink was barely dry on the verdict, and yet their reaction was unanimous. “Well, MAGA? How will you spin your narrative of a ‘rigged justice system’ now?” smirked user BrooklynDad_Defiant.

“I support the US judicial system, which is a separate branch of government from the Executive branch. Read a civics book or something. Oh, and regardless, I am NOT voting for Hunter Biden nor Donald Trump for President,” smarmed Brian Krassenstein.

“Whatever the verdict in the Hunter Biden trial, I can assure you that President Biden and the leaders in his party will not attack the judge, the jury, and the judicial system just for prosecuting the president’s son,” huffed National Black Justice Coalition co-founder Keith Boykin.

Bless them, they can’t help opening their mouths and saying the quiet part out loud. We’re not stupid. When court cases that actually matter don’t go their way, liberals don’t drown themselves in pious platitudes about the integrity of the judicial system. Did they spare a thought for that “integrity” when Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty? Well, just as an example, let’s look at how Keith Boykin, with all his concern for people attacking the judicial system, reacted to that verdict:

Oh yeah. That’s what Leftists do when a verdict breaks the narrative. In fact, it’s lucky if that’s all they do; sometimes they also riot. In other words, the fact that they are reacting this way to Hunter Biden’s conviction is proof positive that for them, this case was an acceptable loss. For them, Joe Biden throwing his own son under the bus without complaint was a perfectly reasonable price, so long as it offered the patina of legitimacy to their Captain Ahab-esque drive to “get Trump,” norms and law be damned. Well, sorry to be the skunk at the garden party, but we don’t buy it.

Firstly, at the risk of stating the obvious, a president’s son being convicted of something in no way rises to the same level as a president being convicted for the first time in American history. The fact is, Hunter Biden has been found guilty of a crime that, while serious, in no way reflects badly on Joe, but only on Hunter. There is a reason the Krassensteins of the world say they won’t vote for Hunter Biden. Because Hunter Biden isn’t on the ballot; his father is. And even if they won’t say it now, we suspect the Democrats will try to use Hunter’s conviction to play on the sympathies of Americans who’ve dealt with children with substance abuse problems and make Joe look like a father trying to navigate an impossible situation. It’s exactly the kind of thing they would do.

Secondly, on that note, this case is clearly designed to put the Hunter problem away by claiming he’s already been convicted and any Republicans who still want answers about the “laptop from Hell” are hounding poor President Biden. This, despite the fact that in a sane world, Hunter Biden’s conviction in this case ought to likely lead to a more thorough examination of the very real corruption revealed by the contents of his laptop. But would Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) ever pursue a case like that? Don’t be ridiculous. “The big guy” would never let his DOJ prosecute anything that implicated him, let alone this close to an election where he already looks to be in real danger of losing. In all likelihood, the only reason he hasn’t already pardoned Hunter is because he’s waiting for the election to be over in order to avoid accusations of a coverup, which this is.

Thirdly, as stated before, the charges aren’t the sort that usually produce jail time and Hunter almost certainly won’t see prison for them, whereas President Trump is potentially on the hook for over a hundred years of prison time after his nonsense trial. But even if Hunter did somehow see prison, that would prove nothing about the American justice system and everything about the ruthlessness of Joe Biden. Because let’s be real, we all know Beau Biden, the son Joe actually cares about, died a long time ago. Hunter, on the other hand, is just the screwup who slept with Beau’s wife. In other words, he’s a perfect fall guy for President Joe, who can easily find other ways to enrich himself with foreign money once Hunter is out after some cursory period in jail.

Look, if the Left expects us to pretend America’s justice system is fair because a patsy got thrown under the bus for political purposes, they’ll be disappointed. A true “tit for tat” would require Joe Biden himself to face prosecution, for his mishandling of classified information, and for selling his own office to the likes of Ukraine and China while betraying America. He won’t. We all know he won’t. And the Left can’t even be bothered to pretend to be upset about this verdict. So we won’t pretend to be convinced. Hunter Biden has been convicted? Okay, great. It’s overdue. But for any conservatives who read that and assume that America’s justice system must be fair after all? Don’t be fooled. There is one way to restore justice in America, and that’s to kick Joe Biden out of the White House.

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