Swedish masked rapper C. Gambino shot dead in altercation likely related to gang activity

A well-known masked Swedish rapper who goes by the stage name C. Gambino was shot dead in a car park in the Scandinavian country. 

The 26-year-old artist, whose real name is Karar Ramadan and was recently named Rapper of the Year in Sweden, was killed in what police believe was a gang-related attack. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Ramadan parked his car in a garage where one or more attackers were waiting. He was shot multiple times, and police suspect the killing is linked to ongoing gang conflicts, noting that the rapper was "known to police."

Law enforcement has launched a murder inquiry, and following the shooting raided an address believed to be relating to the murder. While several individuals were brought in by police for questioning, no arrests have been made so far. The police are actively investigating the incident and seeking any information that could lead to the identification and capture of the perpetrators.

“Police have launched a murder inquiry... No one has been arrested in the case,” the police said in a statement. 

Ramadan had recently received a Grammi, Sweden’s equivalent of the American Grammy Awards, and boasted a substantial following with a million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Sweden has been grappling with a rise in gang violence, with shootings and bombings becoming alarmingly frequent and happening every week, per the Daily Mail. Just a few years ago, another high-profile rapper, a 19-year-old, was killed in an "execution-style shooting" also believed to be gang-related. 

The increase in violent incidents is attributed to various factors, including drug market disputes, rivalries, and personal vendettas.

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