UK enacts emergency ban on puberty blockers for all 'trans' minors

The UK Department of Health and Social Care has enacted an emergency ban restricting transgender-identifying children from being prescribed and supplied puberty blockers. This legislation, which addresses a loophole that allowed access to these drugs through private clinics despite their ban for National Health Service (NHS) use, will take effect from June 3 to September 3.

The new law prohibits medical professionals from prescribing hormone suppressors during this period to children under 18 who identify as the opposite sex. 

"During this period, no new patients under 18 will be prescribed these medicines for the purposes of puberty suppression in those experiencing gender dysphoria or incongruence under the care of these prescribers," the new regulation stated. However, patients who were already placed on these medicines by a UK prescriber can continue to access them. 

Although the ban is set for three months, many expect it to be extended by the next government, according to a report by the Times

This legislative change follows the NHS issuing clinical guidelines in March, which advised against providing puberty blockers to children due to insufficient evidence of their safety. The guidelines referenced the findings of the Dr. Cass Review into gender identity services.

The Cass Review, conducted for the NHS by Dr. Hilary Cass, concluded that the clinical practice of prescribing hormone treatments to minors was based on "shaky foundations" and was not proven to be safe or effective. The report offered alternative suggestions to improve services for children, stating that they must be viewed “as a whole person and not just through the lens of their gender identity.”

"For most young people, a medical pathway will not be the best way to manage their gender-related distress," Cass stated.

This emergency measure reflects growing concerns and caution across the world regarding the irreversible procedures and treatments of children who identify as transgender.

Image: Title: UK Health