Hamas celebrates Ireland, Spain and Norway's recognition of Palestinian state

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has reportedly celebrated the decision by Ireland, Spain, and Norway to recognize the state of Palestine.

On Wednesday, Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris announced at a press conference that the three countries will officially recognize the state of Palestine on May 28. He also stated that these countries will "now undertake whatever national steps are necessary to give effect to that decision,” according to the Associated Press.

"I’m confident that further countries will join us in taking this important step in the coming weeks," Harris said. "This is a historic and important day for Ireland and for Palestine."

Following the announcement, the Palestinian news agency Quds News Network posted a statement on X from Hamas.

"Hamas welcomes the announcement of Norway, Ireland, and Spain recognizing the state of Palestine, considering it an important step towards solidifying our right to our land and establishing our independent Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem,” the statement said.

The statement continued, "We call on countries around the world to recognize our legitimate national rights and to support our people's struggle for liberation, independence, and an end to Zionist occupation of our land." 

Israel has responded to the announcement from these three countries by recalling their ambassadors and summoning their envoys. The Jewish state has also accused these European countries of rewarding Hamas after its October 7 assault that saw the death of over 1,000 innocent Israeli civilians. 

"History will remember that Spain, Norway, and Ireland decided to award a gold medal to Hamas murderers and rapists,” said Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

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