Elon Musk questions point of US mission to 'uphold democracy' in Ukraine as Zelensky refuses to hold election at the end of his term

Elon Musk questioned the point of the United States' mission in Ukraine to "uphold democracy" after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky refused to hold elections at the end of his 5-year term, which officially ended on Monday.

Jack Posobiec noted that Zelensky is now ruling under martial law, to which Musk responded "But I thought we were there to 'uphold democracy'?'

Zelensky had warned last year that Ukrainian elections would not be held until the war with Russia was over and then made statements elections would be held in his country if the US and Europe funded them despite the country being under martial law. He then decided in November that it was "not the right time for elections." Joe Biden's Secretary of State Antony Blinken said during a recent trip to the nation's capital that there would be elections at such time as all Ukrainians could vote, even those who have fled the nation amid the ongoing war.

Zelensky's approval ratings have drastically dropped from 90 percent since Russia's full-scale invasion. A report from Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service states that support for the Ukrainian president has dropped to 17 percent while the BBC reported that 65 percent of Ukrainians still trust the president to continue his leadership.

In October of last year, one of Zelensky's top aides reportedly claimed the president was delusional about winning the war and "exhausted" after meetings with western leaders to drum up more funding, weapons and equipment for the war. In addition, many of his top officials in the Ukrainian military and government have ongoingly been accused of corruption.

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