Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico in expected to survive assassination attempt, in stable condition

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has shown signs of improvement after surviving an assassination attempt earlier this week, which left him with multiple gunshot wounds. Slovakia's Minister of Defense, Robert Kaliňák, addressed reporters outside the hospital, stating, “The worst of what we feared has passed, at least for the moment. But his condition remains serious." 

“His condition is stable with a positive prognosis,” Kalinak explained, according to ABC News. The deputy director of the hospital provided further clarification, noting that while Fico is no longer in life-threatening condition, his situation remains very serious, and he will need significant time to recover fully.

“We firmly believe that everything will go in a good direction,” he added. Fico underwent surgery to remove dead tissue from the gunshot wounds and has not yet been healthy enough to be transported to Bratislava, the country’s capital.

The investigation into the assassination attempt is ongoing. On Sunday afternoon, Kalinak revealed that there might have been a “third party” involved in the shooting, potentially acting on behalf of the perpetrator. This development suggests that the attack might not have been a lone wolf incident, as previously characterized by local authorities.

“The situation is turning out to be even worse than we expected,” Kalinak said. ”Plus other indications that these facts of Wednesday’s attack have been discussed in a wider circle. All of this is shocking information, and for many of us, it would be much easier if we could talk about just one person.”

The assassination attempt occurred on Wednesday in Handlova, approximately 85 miles from Bratislava, while Fico was meeting with supporters. As Fico shook hands at a barricade, a man approached and fired five rounds from a gun, hitting Fico in the abdomen before being tackled and arrested.

Authorities have not yet released substantial details about the shooter. However, some media outlets have reported unconfirmed information, including that the assailant was a 71-year-old retiree and amateur poet.

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