ANTHONY WATSON: West Virginia middle school school allegedly fails to respond to trans-identifying boy sexually harassing girl in locker room

Parents of a middle school girl in West Virginia were “hurt and shocked” after their daughter informed them that a trans-identifying boy was sexually harassing her at school, and the school failed to adequately respond.

Fifteen-year-old Adaleia Cross, a student at Bridgeport Middle School, participated in track and field with a trans-identifying boy. According to her parents, Abigail and Holden Cross, the boy began sexually harassing Adaleia in the locker room and on the field, as reported by The Daily Wire.

“When she told us these things we were horrified and immediately reported it to coaches and the school,” Adaleia’s mother explained. “The school told our daughter that they were going to investigate and not to say anything, and then we never heard back from them again. Nothing changed for our daughter, and she didn’t get any help.”

Adaleia submitted a statement about her treatment from this boy in a lawsuit filed by multiple state attorneys general fighting the Biden administration’s new Title IX regulations. The new rules broaden Title IX to include the “gender identity” of an individual, therefore applying not just to biological girls but boys who identify as girls.

In her statement, Adaleia said that the boy’s behavior towards her became “much more aggressive, vile, and disturbing,” with the boy making repeated sexual comments towards her. In an attempt to avoid him, Adaleia was forced to change her clothes in the bathroom stalls rather than the locker room.

When her parents hired a lawyer to get a response from the school, the school sent them a letter concluding they found no evidence that their daughter was being harassed.

“We would really like to just make it to where girls have a safe space to compete, change in their locker rooms, when they’re most vulnerable.” explained Adaleia’s father.

“We were just so hurt and shocked and just taken aback by their response that we just have been doing everything since then to try to take action and to tell the truth about what’s going on so this won’t happen to our daughter again or hopefully any other girls,” added her mother.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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