KENNY CODY: Trump is strong and Biden is weak

As seen in the foreign policy, and public depiction of Joe Biden throughout his presidency, to say nothing of the Marxist takeover of American life his administration has been cheering on, America is living through perhaps the weakest reign of a commander-in-chief in its history. Our foreign allies live in fear that America has abandoned its role as a world superpower. They fear this not because they  href="" id="m_-8578016096654812633OWA58ab82a2-597b-3249-91f4-ebd855b0d9d0">want the country to be at war (as the military industrial complex does), but instead because they sense that the United States is out of commission; the overpowering need not to mess with us is fading, thanks to our weak approach to foreign and domestic relations. All this, while Biden's administration pretends that he is one of the most criticized Presidents in American history by the mainstream media, attempting to play the victim to whoever will listen while the economy continues to tank.

When Iran attacked Israel in a ballistic drone strike, Joe Biden and his administration barely had anything to say because they knew that they had funded the country -- Iran -- who committed the atrocity. In response to former President Trump opting out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, Biden’s administration has seemingly attempted to mend fences with Iran by providing sanctions waivers that potentially allocated billions of dollars into the hands of the Iranian government. This fascistic regime, which even now is hunting Israeli heads, would feel encouraged by the sudden influx of money into their military complex. In short, evil as it is, it is unsurprising that Iran would attack Israel, an American ally. 

Meanwhile, former President Trump continues to be Joe Biden’s opposite when it comes to strength in culture, economics, and foreign policy. Concerning Israel, those from the country continue to praise how Trump handled foreign conflict overseas when their Middle East neighbors have attacked them. His administration helped negotiate the Abraham Accords in 2020, solidifying Israel’s peace agreements and normalization with countries in the United Arab Emirates.

Trump moved the United States Israeli Embassy to the city of Jerusalem, standing with the Israeli government while maintaining a label of peace within the region without militaristic intervention or an invasion that neoconservative warmongers would've cheered. President Trump kept America out of war while maintaining an ideal relationship with allies of the United States, making them feel safe as they conducted foreign business within trade and diplomacy. As well, Trump ensured the weakening of the Iranian government by ending the United States’ participation in the Iranian Nuclear Deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) by re-imposing the sanctions that the Biden Administration ended up lifting.

These foreign dealings are a prime example of why the United States can no longer afford to allow an incompetent Presidential administration to run roughshod over the country. Not only is America weaker domestically because inflation, trade insufficiency, and cultural Marxism are allowed to run amuck, but in terms of foreign reputation as a world power, the United States has become a joke to our allies and enemies under Joe Biden.

The contrast could not be clearer this fall when voters will be faced with a choice between what is effectively two presidential administrations. In every facet that matters, Trump is the stronger of the two. When it comes to the economy, there is no debate. Trump has facilitated the most outstanding economy for working-class Americans in the past century. In foreign policy, there were no wars under Donald Trump’s watch while maintaining the label of a world superpower that was feared around the globe.

Under Joe Biden’s leadership, America is not feared, and countless wars have been started in Russia, Israel, and Ukraine.

American strength has to be a priority in November, otherwise the United States will risk decline not seen since the days of the Roman Empire. Trump embodies the strength we need to remain a global superpower. Biden merely emboldens the vandals at the gates.

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