JACK POSOBIEC: Trump leads Biden in nearly every swing state, poll numbers signal 'landslide victory'

Jack Posobiec talked about the “nightmare” poll numbers for Joe Biden on Wednesday, highlighting the fact that former President Donald Trump is leading in nearly every swing state.

According to recent polling done by the Wall Street Journal, Trump is ahead in key battleground states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. In Wisconsin, Trump and Biden are tied.

“If the election is taken place around these pools, you’re talking a landslide victory for Trump,” Posobiec emphasized.

The trend in poll numbers represents a spark rebuttal of the rhetoric of President Biden and his campaign that the American people do not want Trump to be re-elected as President.

“It is an entire repudiation of what Joe Biden and his campaign have been saying: ‘America doesn’t want Trump’ or ‘America doesn’t like Trump,” Posobiec said.

Posobiec also pointed out that these polls are just a general matchup between Biden and Trump, and do not include third-party candidates. With prominent left-wing figures such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein likely all on the ballot in November, the numbers in key battleground states could prove to be even worse for President Biden.

“These are very serious people with national impact on the ballot,” Posobiec explained. “Their candidacies and appearances on the ballot itself are going to have national impact.”

The sway of public favor from Biden to Trump is due to two main political issues: the economy and immigration. As voters compare the current state of the economy and the lack of enforcement at the southern border with how things were operated under the Trump administration, most Americans believe that Trump is a much more effective leader on these two issues. 

This perception likely plays a significant role in shaping voter preferences and contributing to Trump's lead in the polls.

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