Woman sentenced to prison for 'transphobic' posts about prostitute in Spain

A woman in Spain was sentenced to 6 months in prison for posting "transphobic" comments to social media directed at a trans-identified male ex-prostitute who claimed no one knew he was transgender before she did so and filed a criminal complaint.

The unnamed woman posted the comments in 2020 in which she called Violeta Ferrer Mico a "prototype of a faggot with tits" and said "he can't stand that I'm a woman and has a pathological dislike for me."

The post was shared to Ferrer Mico's WhatsApp work chat after which he claimed he was "outed" and that no one knew he was transgender prior to the woman's comments.

Reduxx uncovered a statement then made by Ferrer Mico that said: "From then on, I felt I had to give explanations about my gender identity."

He reported the post and then filed a criminal complaint. 

A Barcelona court ordered an "internet radicalism" task force to parse through the woman's social media history to find further “publications that indicate animosity towards the group to which the victim belongs.”

They determined in their report that the woman was “not only belligerent with transgender women who are not operated, but also with the LGTBI collective.”

According to them, she had also posted multiple statements across Facebook, Instagram and X in which she "denied transgender people without genital reassignment the gender with which they identify.”

She had also made statements like "there are only two sexes", "transwomen are transvestites" and said that “[the trans] community makes me feel infinite disgust.”

The task force stated in their evidence that her comments were in opposition of the "Trans Law" which was passed in Spain to "make changing an individual's legal name and gender marker significantly easier."

The court ruled that the “transphobic messages” led to Ferrer Mico, who once organized a Barcelona "Trans Whoretour," being "exposed" as a trans-identified male.

During sentencing, it said: “The derogatory statements regarding gender identity … reflect the contempt she feels towards the group of transgender people who have not undergone genital reassignment surgery, and show, by questioning the gender (of the victim), a clear desire to inflict ridicule, and managing to generate [in the victim] feelings of humiliation to the detriment of [his] dignity.”

The woman accepted the sentence and declined to defend herself. She must also pay Ferrer Mico 3,850 Euros and is disqualified from holding employment in any profession in the fields of teaching or sports for three and a half years.

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