JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: Are pro-Hamas terrorists preparing to lay siege to New York City?

Pro Palestine supporters are targeting New York City’s points of access. This looks like it might be a rehearsal for something big.

New York City has five boroughs. One of them, Manhattan, is an island. The only way to connect to the other four boroughs and then to leave New York State is by bridges, tunnels, and the subway system. Ten bridges and three tunnels serve as lifelines and escape routes. Along with the subway system, these arteries are the beating heart of New York City, responsible for circulation.

Myriad terrorist groups plaguing New York City, such as Communists, the People’s Forum, Democrat Socialists of America, BLM, Antifa, and the so-called “Queers” (including those for Palestine) have been swept up with Islamists. The connection; a mutual alignment in terrorism and desire to upend the American ethos. This marauding mob routinely hijacks New York City’s infrastructure as they claim, in support of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel on October 7. This is because transforming that attack, and the Hamas terrorists who committed it, into some fanciful freedom-fighting struggle provides a runway and cover for them to terrorize Americans. “Global intifada”, “global jihad”, and “from the river to the sea” is the chant. The intent is clear. Islamists have stated the plan and their hunting grounds are the road-map of how they’ll carry out terror.

Grand Central is a favorite target of pro-Palestine supporters. On October 27, terrorist sympathizers vandalized the landmark built in 1871 by magnate Cornelius "Commodore" Vanderbilt. They tormented commuters and businesses alike. On November 10, a mob returned, damaging the facade, demanding a heavy NYPD presence. This is important; they’ve figured out how to tie up law enforcement. In yet another practice drill, on February 12, terrorists take over the upper roadway, forcing traffic to grind to a halt. On February 13, Islamists were at it again, storming the tunnel to Grand Central. To put this in perspective, Grand Central Terminal serves approximately 67 million passengers a year. More than 750,000 people pass through the terminal every single day. During the holidays, this number usually exceeds 1,000,000.

Last month, in a coordinated attack, pro-Palestine and anti-America agitators blocked the Holland Tunnel, Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan Bridge. “A travel nightmare” during the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays occurred when these Islamists blocked roads near JFK airport causing significant delays. Then there are the frequent subway takeovers. The People’s Forum, which received $12 million dollars from the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund, are experts in menacing commuters while spewing anti-Semitic and anti-American diatribes

Imagine a terror attack in Grand Central Station or any of the ten main bridges and three main tunnels. Imagine an attack on our subways during rush hour. Imagine a repetition of 9/11. Imagine trying to escape the terror, only to be stopped by Islamists that have expertly blocked points of egress.

Mosab Hassan Yousef – ironically, the son of the founder of Hamas -- cuts to the point. “It’s not about Palestine. There's no such thing as Palestine. It’s anti-West. And it’s looking for an angry cause. And the more anger they are able to generate, they’re creating the climate for those individuals who have been waiting to act. So I don’t want to say, what are we waiting for? Like another major terrorist attack? You know, then we are going to understand we have an enemy within? I hope we don’t get to that point.”

His words are bone chilling because what Hamas did on October 7 is one of the most savage and medieval acts in recent memory. American terrorist sympathizers who’ve taken up with Islamists are ratcheting things up in what could be a prelude to the same horror but in New York City. This is as Mayor Adams’ administration continues to degrade our law enforcement. In March 2023, City Councilmembers on the Committee on Public Safety held a hearing to cast aspersions on the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group, (SRG), alleging it abuses of power. “We are commanding and demanding that you disband the SRG. We will no longer fund our own oppression,” said Kimberly Bernard.

The SRG responds to citywide mobilizations, civil disorders, and major events with highly trained personnel and specialized equipment. They are deployed to areas requiring an increased police presence due to increased crime or other conditions. In other words, should terrorists attack, the Democrat administration has done its level best to degrade the frontline of defense protecting Americans.

This is a powder keg and Islamists are holding the matches. Any dedicated terrorist who recently arrived via the Darien Gap or that was created in the New York City educational complex can light the match that blows up the powder keg.

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