First LGBTQ matador competes in Spain, encourages others to come out

Spain's first matador to be openly LGBTQ+ is encouraging others who compete in bullfighting to come out as well, insisting that "there have always been gay people in bullfighting."

31-year-old Mario Alcalde came out as pansexual "spontaneously" during an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo last month and has since experienced a "boost to his profile," according to BBC News who interviewed Alcalde.

"There have always been gay people in bullfighting, but they didn't say anything," he told the outlet.

In regards to why he came out to a newspaper, Alcalde said: "The idea came to me… artists are very spontaneous. It came from my heart."

"I thought there was going to be a feeling against it but people are accepting it and in the best way possible," he said.

"I follow my own rhythm. My tastes, both political and sexual, are not common in the bullfighting world," he told El Mundo at the time of his interview. "I’m pansexual. I identify strongly with the LGBTQ+ flag. Every person has their taste."

"Everyone in the LGBTQ+ community is anti-bullfighting," he said, which is the reason he intends to set up a bullfighting club in Chueca, Madrid's LGBTQ+ neighborhood.

However his idea has drawn criticism from certain locals.

"I'm not saying they can't set up a bullfighting gay place, I just don't think it fits the area. The whole bullfighting thing is very conservative," said Juan, a local, when asked by the BBC.

"The issue with bullfighting is that we confuse an animal and lead it to death in a tragic way," said another local, Maria. "Bullfighting is sustained because it's a tradition. If this idea were new, I doubt it would be approved."

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