BREAKING: Spain bans Human Events Special on Franco on X, declares it illegal / harmful speech

The Spanish government banned a Human Events special about the Spanish Civil War from X, on the basis that it is "Illegal or Harmful Speech." 

A message from X to Human Events host Jack Posobiec reads, "In accordance with applicable law, X is now permanently withholding the reported content in Spain, specifically for the following legal grounds: Illegal or Harmful Speech." 

X explained in its notification that Posobiec can appeal the decision internally or, may challenge the decision "in an out-of-court Dispute settlement Proceeding or by filing a lawsuit with a competent court." 

In the restricted post from Dec. 28, Posobiec wrote, "By the Grace of God" with a cross and Spanish flag emoji. the post had an attached video montage of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and a link to the Human Events Daily podcast Episode 636: Chronicles of the Revolution- The Last Crusade." 

During the Episode, Posobiec and guest Blake Neff discussed the Spanish Civil War and how it is told "completely backwards" and taught wrong in schools. The war is usually described as a war that started from a far-right uprising but was between Christianity and communism. 

The two discussed Warren H Carrol's book 'The Last Crusade,' and how it is the only book printed in English that describes the trusty of the 1930s war. 

"13 bishops and nearly 7000 priests, seminarians, monks, and nuns were turned into bloodied martyrs in Spain by the communist enemies of Christianity," Posobiec read from the book. "It was the greatest clerical bloodshed in so short a time since the persecutions of the Church of ancient Rome ... Chapels and shrines in Spain were pillaged and destroyed, nuns were raped on altars in front of the priests. In response, faithful Spanish Catholics proclaimed a crusade. Against all odds, the Crusaders triumphed, and the church and the faith in Spain were saved."

Neff goes on to note that what is fascinating about the Spanish Civil War that took place between 1936-1939 is that it is the losers of the war that have shaped the narrative about it. It took place right after an election in 1935 in which the radical left took power from the conservative right. 

He said it has been "dramatically oversimplified" as a fight between "forces of fascism and the forces of democracy." Noting that the left was already threatening revolution if the election didn't go their way.

Posobiec went on to describe the brutality that took place during the Civil War with a passage from Evita Duffy at The Federalist who described communist forces burying a priest alive in a grave that made him dig himself. 

You can watch the full episode here: 

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