BREAKING: Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez wins reelection in Spain after controversial amnesty deal for convicted Catalan separatists

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez won reelection on Wednesday after giving amnesty to hundreds of Catalan separatists who attempted to secede from Spain in 2017. The leaders of that opposition movement, who fled to Brussels, will now be welcomed back for the sole purpose of supporting Sanchez in the government.

Sanchez's victory comes as over a million Spaniards have protested in the streets of some 42 cities and towns across the nation, with at least a million gathering in the streets of Madrid to protest what they view as the socialist coup of their country. Sanchez also sought and gained support from the Basque Nationalist party. In essence, the socialists and communists have teamed up to rule Spain.

The vote in Parliament was tight, with 179 lawmakers voting in favor of Sanchez and 171 against him. 176 votes is needed among the 350 members of Parliament to secure victory, per Bloomberg.

"The only real reproach from the right is that we’ve won government with these deals," Sanchez told the lawmaking body ahead of the vote. He emphasized forgiveness, while protesters outside Parliament felt betrayed by the bringing back of a traitor, the head of the Catalan independence movement.

Sanchez, who has been acting prime minister since a vote in July, though attempts to secure power were dodgy until he embarked on the Catalan amnesty plan, claimed that his rule will be a win for those who back the welfare state, women's rights, the integration of foreign migrants into Spanish society, and "respect for sexual diversity," La Moncloa reports.

Protesters have been out in the streets proclaiming that Spain is a Christian, not Muslim country. Conservative parties have issued plans to shut down illegal immigration in the nation. Sanchez's government will be entirely progressive. 

"In this session, it is up to us to choose the way forward. Either we open the door to this movement, or we stop it in its tracks by erecting a wall of democracy, coexistence and tolerance," he said. 

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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