DAVID KRAYDEN: Love him or hate him, Trump is the only rational choice this year

If you think the United States has not become a febrile superpower whose "brain" (the legislature) seems as if it had been infected by the ravages of the COVID-19 vaccine, just look at the morass in Congress – and of course the White House.

If you think former President Donald Trump is a little too old, a shade too obnoxious, a bit too impertinent – you may have to rethink your convictions and refashion your prejudices. 

There is a clear choice looming in the presidential election of 2024 and the clarity of that decision becomes more obvious every day as the United States government self-destructs, RINOs continue to accelerate the growth of the Uniparty, the border remains open, billions are funneled into the black hole of Kyiv and a third world war has never looked more palatable to the madmen who run defense policy. 

Trump looks like the only rational choice to make.

What passes for government in America must be taken off life support. 

President Joe Biden appears to be only vaguely aware of his circumstances and only partly conscious at times. While Biden attempted to welcome King Abdullah II of Jordan to the White House, the president seemed only barely there. His brief monologue was reminiscent of a Foster Brooks routine from a Dean Martin Roast as he rambled on and actually thought he saw his former boss, President Barack Obama, in the audience. It was too much even for uber-liberal Jon Stewart who tore into Biden’s obvious dementia. 

If you’ve never laughed at Stewart in your life – and I hadn’t – this bit might provoke at least some mild hilarity. 

But the Senate is demented too. Last Sunday, Democrats and RINOs teamed-up to create an aid bill that was so monstrous in its proportions that it beggars belief that there are this many idiots sitting in the upper chamber collecting their salaries and watching the country descend into bankruptcy while they fund foreign wars that the United States cannot even afford to watch as an interested bystander. 

But there was Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his bosom pal Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) declaring some kind of victory as the Senate passed this laughably corrupt "legislation" 67-27. There were 18 RINOs who joined their Democratic partners in passing this aid bill on a Super Bowl Sunday of all days. 

There’s $60 billion for Ukraine so it can continue to feed the Military Industrial Complex with orders for more munitions. The problem is, by the time the arms manufacturers deliver the orders, the war in Ukraine will most likely be over. Oh yes, $8 billion of that funding envelope includes direct administrative aid for the Ukrainian government – but that tottering, corrupt edifice, headed by an international clown in combat fatigues named Volodymyr Zelenskyy won’t be around for much longer either. 

If you have any doubt that the billions spent on Ukraine are benefitting only the merchants of death and the corrupt Zelenskyy regime that is running away with your money and stashing it into Swiss bank accounts, this bill inadvertently demonstrates the veracity of that claim. 

The “aid” package also provides $14 for Israel and $8 for Taiwan and $9.2 billion for humanitarian assistance in Gaza that of course Israel will never allow to be delivered. 

But there is a voice of reason and sanity in the Senate and his name is Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH). 

"This morning the America last caucus got a $61 billion aid package out of the Senate. But they paid dearly for this small win. The House won’t pass the current bill," Vance posted on X.  

"We must fix our country before devoting more resources to Ukraine," Vance added in a summary statement of the complaint from the 22 Republicans who voted against the package.

Vance also noted that the bill contains a “kill switch” that would force a Trump presidency to continue to send money to Ukraine. 

But if you think this is crazy, consider that this odious bill has been sewn to another legislative cadaver to create a Frankenstein monster of legislative decay. 

The “border security” bill is attached to the “aid” package and the entire monstrosity is headed back to the House of Representatives. 

The border bill that will do nothing to seal America’s southern border only served to remind Americans that the craven and venal politicians taking their orders not from Americans but from lobbyists are not concerned about an invasion of illegals but about seeing Ukrainians and Russians killed as the NATO syndicate continues to expand. 

Fortunately, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), whether for fear of losing his job or not, is saying this $118 billion gift from the Senate is “dead on arrival.”

Is this any way to run a government – democratic or otherwise? 

The Democrats have tried to eliminate Trump by whatever means necessary. The FBI and the Department of Justice continue to persecute him. The federal bureaucracy is actively planning to undermine and potentially defeat his presidency on their expectation – get this – that he will use his office to persecute his political enemies. Of course this has been reported by the legacy media as another example of how the Deep State is going to save us from another Trump presidency.

But as Trump is about to clinch the Republican nomination – and as his own remaining revival is the decrepit, war-mongering Nikki Haley, it does seem more than appropriate to rally around the man who understands that America’s worst enemies lie within the government apparatus. 

And while he may not have realized how to cope with that reality during his last term of office, he deserves another chance. 

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