EXCLUSIVE: Former Hollywood director Robby Starbuck fights to save America’s youth from Marxism with new film 'War on Children'

Filmmaker and director Robby Starbuck joined Human Events Daily on Thursday to discuss his new documentary "The War on Children."

The documentary provides an in-depth analysis of societal issues that harm children, such as the normalization of gender ideology and the detrimental effects of social media.

Starbuck explained to host Jack Posobiec that the youth are being preyed upon by American institutions and urged viewers to take action to protect the well-being of children.

Posobiec said to Starbuck, who is a former Hollywood director, "I can't imagine that too many of your old Hollywood friends are happy with you right now."

"No," said Starbuck. "But you know what, here's the truth."

"The greatest thing about me coming out as a conservative and endorsing Trump back in 2016 and just kind of rage quitting Hollywood was that, you know, you really find out that the people you think are your friends, it's all a farce in Hollywood," he said. "It's all about ladder climbing and people getting something, you know, and, and sort of the association to power and celebrity and all that. And it was always BS."

"But I knew we needed to make this film because my wife and I were really kind of on the forefront of a lot of these issues probably about a decade ago," Starbuck explained. "Our oldest daughter's 15 and when she entered school in California, it was at a private school where a lot of celebrity kids go, and we saw a lot of this stuff come in very early, it was like a testing ground."

Starbuck explained that he became an "eagle-eyed parent" after his daughter's school "brought in a white privileged speaker and DEI-type concepts like equity," stating that he "was all over them and I really made the school's life hell."

The filmmaker went on to urge parents to take action if they see this stuff coming into their child's school.

"So, we saw it very early and identified, oh my gosh, they're gonna do this everywhere because when it starts in California, you know that the left is planning to spread it out everywhere," he explained.

Starbuck said that the indoctrination he witnessed occurring at his child's school was when he knew that he needed "to step away from this world of entertainment" and "do everything we can, put everything we can, into fighting this war on kids."

The award-winning director told Posobiec that his new documentary has received praise from across the aisle, including billionaire X owner Elon Musk. Starbuck explained that more than 30 million people have watched the trailer, with more than 1.5 million people watching the film in its entirety since "The War on Children" was released in the past 48 hours.

"I can't tell you, since we released the movie, how many parents have reached out who are good people who say, 'My kid went to college and this happened to them. And they were a great kid, they believed all the right things, we thought, you know, if anybody can make it through college and, and not be sucked in by this, it's my kid,'" Starbuck recanted.

"And the reality is, our colleges and many of our public schools and private schools here in America, they've been turned into indoctrination centers, parents just do not understand how bad it is. And they need to watch this movie, and those parents who've reached out have said, 'I wish I had watched this before I sent my kid to college," said the filmmaker.

"And they think maybe this could have been avoided. But, you know, that's our hope with the film, is we can stop, we can save kids, we can save the next generation, we can stop this war from turning the next generation into essentially soldiers for Marxists. These are modern Marxists, modern communists, who want total power and they don't care if they have to destroy children to get there," he continued. "They don't care if kids get mutilated along the way, or if their minds are just totally transformed by this woke movement."

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