ERICA KNIGHT: Trump controls the media narrative because he knows how to create it

Love President Trump or hate him, I guarantee you’re talking about him. And you probably have been since that ride down the golden escalators almost ten years ago. 

This isn’t an accident.

Our current Commander in Chief, the leader of the free world, the man that holds the nuclear codes, has been declared as mentally inept. He cannot form a sentence or make it through a two minute presser without a dozen flubs. 

But Donald Trump is proving that some minds only get sharper with age and he is still outsmarting all of us. 

Politics is not about who the smartest person in the room is, it’s about who is the most popular. Donald Trump just happens to be both. 

Campaigns consistently spend millions of dollars with the first uphill battle - name ID. Getting into the conversation. Vivek spent upwards of $30 million to make sure we knew his name and many would argue that from the beginning, the goal was to make sure he had a seat at the table. 

For a political novice, tens of millions of dollars can be spent running television ads and strategic communications through social media, earned media and direct voter contact. Key endorsements can be secured by simply proving that one has raised enough money to be considered viable. 

We are now in completely uncharted territory for a presidential campaign. 

Democrats and many establishment Republicans have used every weapon they have in their arsenal to try to take down President Trump and the more they try, the more it backfires. Donald Trump doesn’t need to spend a dime to share his message -  the left wing media is so obsessed with him that they can’t stop talking about him.

Many have seen Alina Habba argue outside of the courtroom: President Donald Trump is the most recognizable person in the world.

As the left continues to use lawfare and a weaponized justice system to try and take him down, he makes sure you hear the message loud and clear: we will never stop fighting for the American people and we will never back down. It’s no accident that his attorney is brilliant, beautiful and not afraid to take the heat. 

Media lines up to hear what Habba has to say on his behalf, and without fail, she takes over the airwaves and speaks directly to the base. 

This is the true genius behind Donald Trump, who we must not forget is one of the best marketing masterminds to ever live: he knows exactly what to say and when to say it to make sure everyone is talking about him. 

And they take the bait - every single time. I’ve talked to journalists on both sides that have seen producers, reporters, hosts and networks attempt to resist the coverage, yet he always finds a way to make everyone ask for more.

Donald Trump shook the status quo of the Republican party and many would argue, political communications as a whole. As there were many consultants in the early days trying to reign in the sometimes bombastic personality, the winning strategy was clear: Let Trump be Trump. 

Opposition messaging fled the field and in the pre-Trump era, consultants would have advised apologies, retractions and potentially even campaign suspensions. 

Donald Trump threw traditional conservatism out the window and introduced the era of the unapologetic politician. 

The GOP spent decades coloring inside the lines and knowing that as long as their candidates projected a mild tone, had a strong stance on long standing issues, presented themselves as polished and could reach into the pockets of the wealthy donor class, they could win elections, at least in districts and states with traditional red values. 

While the party was comfortable sticking to its conventional monotony, Trump recognized that Obama was successful in bringing politics to young voters and the age-old tactics that the GOP relied on would result in the thing he despises most: losing. 

Donald Trump was able to create an entire new movement in the party and while many expected him to back down, retire, or accept defeat - he simply doubled down on his message. Operatives from the left and right worked in overdrive to ensure he would not be the GOP nominee. I would argue that many in our own party worked against the MAGA movement and in 2024, initially would have rather accepted defeat than allow Donald Trump to keep the reins. 

Aspiring Democrats like Fani Willis and Letitia James have paved their own rises to fame by using his name. Lawfare was introduced as the new way to take down Donald Trump. As many in the GOP tried to piggyback onto the radical left chaos and argue that we cannot have a candidate entrenched in lawsuits, he instead and aggressively argued that this was yet another example of our broken system, and the message resonated. 

Donald Trump knows how to take advantage of the bullets that are shot at him. 

As all eyes are on courtroom after courtroom and the media waits for its next nugget of click bait, enter Habba who hits the bullseye and the campaign sees floods of donations from Americans that are sick of the corruption. Each time, he gets one step closer to taking back the White House.

As the world is obsessing about Taylor Swift, Donald Trump enters the conversation about one of his successes that helped the music industry. 

His base was humored, the so-called Swifties were outraged, and on a day where football traditionally supersedes politics, Donald Trump was making headlines. 

And he knows exactly what he’s doing. Over and over again he pushes limits in just the right ways to fuel his brand. 

In Nevada, as Nikki Haley ignored the Silver State, Donald Trump’s army, spearheaded by the Nevada GOP and Kash Patel, went out and voted for “none of these candidates” over her. 

In a huge mistake on her part and a prime example of mediocre versus masterful. Trump’s calculated campaign gave him the fuel he needed to end her. 

As the nomination has become increasingly clear, all eyes will be on who ends up back on the Trump Train to Washington.

And President Trump knows the base - and the down ballot candidates as well as anyone.

It’s no coincidence that Senate candidates like Matt Rosendale and Sam Brown aren’t receiving Donald Trump’s endorsement.

They waited until the very last minute - and until it was undeniable that Trump would be the nominee - to endorse. Donald Trump and the MAGA movement see right through it.

Donald Trump’s mind is sharper than ever and when he takes back the White House, the whole world will know it. 


We will restore prosperity, our adversaries will fear us, and America will have leadership that we can be proud of. 

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