LA woman killed in crossfire between 2 drug gangs in Tulum, Mexico

A 44-year-old woman from Los Angeles was shot dead when she became caught in the crossfire of 2 dangerous drug gangs while watching the sunset at an upscale beach club in Tulum, Mexico

Niko Honarbakhsh, who was living in Cancun but was originally from California, had no connection to either of the gangs, Daily Mail reports.

Witnesses said that Honarbakhsh looked "so happy" all day while "chilling out on the sand" alone with her pets at Mia Beach Club on Friday and was getting up to pay when the shooting occurred.

A couple behind the woman said they thought the gunshots were fireworks and that it happened so quickly there was no time to react.

Another man, only identified as "Belize" was also killed during the shooting Friday at a nearby Tulum beach club. Prosecutors said he had cocaine and pills in his possession when he was shot and may have been a dealer. 

The State Attorney General said in a statement that "the female person who unfortunately lost her life had no connection with the deceased male, identified with the alias 'Belize.'

"Regarding the man 'Belize,' he is identified for his probable participation in events possibly constituting drug-related crimes in the form of drug dealing and that he was part of a criminal group that generated violence in the state.

"At the time of the events, the subject had among his belongings transparent bags containing white powder with characteristics typical of cocaine, transparent bags with red and orange pills, as well as a transparent bag containing brown granulated powder."

According to prosecutors, the suspects involved in the shooting have been identified and are being sought.

Image: Title: TULUM