EXCLUSIVE: Illegals crossing the border could have ties to the Mexican cartel and drug gangs in Ecuador

Human Events editor and co-host of Swing State Update Jessica Barshis joined Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily Friday to discuss the ongoing struggle at the Texas border between the Biden administration and Governor Greg Abbott and the breaking news that Biden may be standing down. Posobiec asked Barshis why she thought that could be.

"I think it's all about optics, I think they had to take a step back and say, how would this look to the American people? It would look like treason if we were forcibly removing security that's protecting our nation from illegal immigrants," Barshis explained.

"It's a scary situation, she said, "you see what happened in Ecuador, where these drug gangs basically took over the country after one of their drug bosses escaped from prison and Ecuador declared a state of emergency sparking this all-out internal conflict, where you had gangs taking over prisons, they were kidnapping police officers, doing live executions. And the drug gang that actually is thought to have spearheaded this has extremely close ties with guess who? To the Mexican cartel."

"Well, look at who's coming through our border," Barshis continued. "I'm not trying to stereotype anyone here, but they look like men who could have close ties to the Mexican cartel, who has close ties with these drug gangs in Ecuador, where we just saw firsthand how quickly an entire country can devolve into chaos. And I don't think that this is a secret to the American people anymore. And the Biden administration had to take a step back and say, you know, it's all about optics, how would this look to the American people?"

Posobiec agreed that "we saw this just, it's just south of our border. They're right next to Colombia. The idea that these organizations, which are obviously working together ... that's exactly who they are talking about bringing up across the border. And oh, by the way, the Colombians and the Ecuadorians would love to get rid of these guys and say, 'Please, please go up to the United States go. We don't want to have to deal with them anymore.'"

"That's precisely who they would be sending," he said. "So no, I don't think you're stereotyping at all. I think it would make perfect sense if you were running one of these organizations. And you knew that, for some reason, the President of the United States said, 'Guess what, the back door is open, folks.'"

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