DAVID KRAYDEN: The mainstream media is intent on silencing Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin

From the usual suspects come the usual taunts and ad hominem attacks from the mainstream media, both rejuvenated and incensed by the news that Tucker Carlson has interviewed Russian President Vladimir Zelenskyy.

We should be neither worried nor outraged that the most popular journalist on social media sat down to interview Putin. We should be concerned and outraged that the mainstream media has reacted to this interview with ubiquitous condemnation, suggesting that Carlson is “a useful idiot” and someone who is “already doing the bidding of the Kremlin.”

Let us first examine who said these words because it is truly comical to consider.

The “useless idiot” remark, of course, came from the lying lips of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. No one would call this grand dame of political prevarication a useful idiot, she has been a useless idiot throughout her checkered and hypocritical political career whose only foolish consistency has been her unhampered lust for foreign wars in which American lives and treasure are devoured for no apparent reason or gain. Let us listen to Clinton on MSNBC as she explained, “If you actually read translations of what is being said on Russian media, they make fun of him …he’s like a puppy dog”, Clinton said.

“I would not be surprised if he emerges with a contract with a Russian outlet, because he is a useful idiot.”

The last thing that Carlson seeks or needs is a contract with Russian media. But you have already come to that obvious conclusion.

Clinton, who met and discussed Siberian tigers with Putin while she was “serving” with the President Barack Obama administration, has demonstrated nothing but idiocy where Russia is concerned. She was the primary author and disseminator of the Russia collusion hoax that harassed and embroiled the presidency of Donald Trump for four years. She has never apologized for creating this hoax or for keeping it afloat with her mendacity. She has never even acknowledged that there was a hoax. 

But Carlson is somehow serving Russian interests by securing an interview with a man who might be – given President Joe Biden’s obvious and accelerating dementia – the most powerful man in the world? After all, he does control the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons on the globe.

There is no news value in talking to Putin. This has to be propaganda for Carlson is supposedly doing “the bidding of the Kremlin.”

That second criticism is from the headline of a column written by Oliver Darcy for CNN, where this so-called media critic imagines that “Carlson’s pilgrimage to Moscow is already a major victory for Putin, whose state media has breathlessly hyped the trip in recent days, chronicling Carlson’s every move with images of him seated at a Moscow theater watching a ballet, having lunch at a swanky restaurant, and accessing ‘fast and free Wi-Fi internet.’”

Actually it’s worth noting at this point that Oliver, who hates conservative journalists like tooth decay, is destroying his own narrative with his description of a modern, high-tech, comfortable Russia, replete with massive television sets and a prosperous middle class. Gone are the gray buildings of the Soviet-era and those pictures of the oppressed masses in their threadbare coats. Russia today is a happening place where people can actually plan for a future and not worry about getting consigned to the Gulag for uttering the wrong phrase. Yes, the ballet is thriving because people other than Politburo members can attend. You bet there are swanky restaurants that cater to more than the communist elite. Oh, and the internet works too.

And just as politicians throughout the democratic world are apparently taking their orders from the World Economic Forum – which, founder and CEO Klaus Schwab said, has inserted itself into their governments – so the global mainstream media in lockstep over is condemnation of Carlson’s interview.

How about this from Britain’s Daily Mail? Under a headline that labels Carlson a “fawning American conspiracy theorist,” Tom Leonard writes, “For years, Carlson has boosted his media following — most of them Trump diehards — by endlessly peddling conspiracy theories and shameless misinformation, first on Fox News and then on his X show. Covering everything from Covid-19 (he’s an anti-vaxxer) to the 2020 election, the January 6 Capitol riots and the Ukraine war, they often revolve around sinister ‘deep state’ machinations by the American establishment."

What “conspiracy theories” and what “shameless misinformation".” You know this “journalist” couldn't retrieve a single example from his quiver of insults. Is it a conspiracy theory to suggest the Biden administration must have a reason for allowing an open southern border and flying illegals across the United States? Is it shameless misinformation to tell Americans that the United States government promised the Soviet Union that NATO would not expand eastward after the end of the Cold War? Is it misinformation to ask why NATO wants a war with Russia over the most crooked government in Europe – that being Ukraine?

I could go on with other overt media examples but consider the ill-chosen and thoughtless musings of Bill Kristol, a lazy pundit who used to be a conservative but is now a repository for ill-digested rants eviscerating  MAGA supporters that might be talking points for Joe Biden.

Kristol suggested on X recently: “Perhaps we need a total and complete shutdown of Tucker Carlson re-entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on.”

Well, Bill, it might be too much for your receding brain to figure out, but what is going on is an interview between Carlson and Putin.

The United States is not at war with Russia. The United States has never been at war with Russia. God help us all if we were at war with Russia. The United States was an ally of Russia during the Second World War and somehow we justified that relationship even though Joe Stalin was in charge and not Putin.

So why is it overtly treasonous to travel to Russia and interview its president? Why should Carlson anticipate his passport being revoked? On the advice of this authoritarian pipsqueak who seeks to ban news he doesn’t approve of?

What Carlson is doing in Russia is what used to be called ordinary journalism. The pundits masquerading as journalists who accuse him of producing Russian propaganda are classically pointing the finger at themselves for producing Democratic/Uniparty propaganda whose audience is the military-industrial complex that Republican President Dwight Einsenhower identified and named in 1961.

This conglomerate of corruption is the same organization that feeds the U.S. and international media with pro-war talking points, insisting the war in Ukraine is about making the world safe for democracy (where have we heard that one before?) and containing Putin’s supposed desire to expand ever eastward until he is at the gates of New York City. 

Yes, Carlson has questioned the validity of the war with Ukraine. He has demanded answers from the Uni-Party and received nothing but dismissal. Is there a leader of this Uni-Party? Yes, it would have to be Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who has predicated his future in politics on killing Russians and bombing Iran. 

It is time for all true conservatives and libertarians to bid adieu to Graham and his RINO show. 

But it is certainly time for the mainstream media to at least attempt to be objective observers of reality, to talk to the people your political masters deem to be the enemy and to try to get to the truth and not the next set of talking points being delivered to their email in-baskets. 

Should Tucker Carlson have interviewed Vladimir Putin? Yes, absolutely; this is the first duty of journalism. Should the mainstream media accuse him of being in Putin’s pocket before the interview was actually aired? No, this is insanity and only reveals the pusillanimous posture of the mainstream media today that seeks to please its political masters – and its big pharma advertisers, but that is a story for another day.

Published and be damned!

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