KENNY CODY: Only Trump can fix the Republican party and the country

Over the last two weeks, voters and citizens from across the United States have borne witness to atrocities affecting foreign policy, immigration issues, and the corrupt nature of the Republican Party. The Supreme Court said that there could no longer be razor wire on the southern border to prevent illegal immigrants from coming over into the country, three military service members were killed in Jordan in an aerial drone attack by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and there continues to be a movement in the G.O.P. allowing Democrats to have a sustainable impact in Republican Primaries to vote for neoconservative warmonger Nikki Haley. The country is falling apart at the seams and being guided by a tyrannical autocrat who is as incompetent as he is incoherent.

Meanwhile, the policies and approaches of a former incumbent are beginning to be realized in every facet as the United States heads towards turmoil. Former President Donald Trump had all of the right ideas, actions, and leadership to ensure that the border was secure, America kept peace with other countries through an attitude of strength and worked to eliminate establishment neoconservatives who did not have the same power in the Republican Party as they did in years past.

Trump initiated the sustainability of the border by working with the Republic of Texas, initiating the building of a wall, and giving power to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to ensure that illegal immigration was cut to a minimum. Under the leadership of Joe Biden, the border crisis is now at a measurable failure, as a parole policy has caused more than a million migrants to come over the border, incentivizing illegal migration and crimes such as the drug trafficking of fentanyl. The Supreme Court has now ruled that the border cannot use razor wire on the wall or fencing, causing states like Texas to rebel against both the Biden Administration and the SCOTUS.

In terms of foreign policy, the weakness of the Biden Administration during the Russian-Ukrainian war was demonstrated by having unaudited funds sent to Ukraine and portraying weakness on foreign visits to other countries. Now, through keeping troops in countries such as Jordan, the administration has to answer to an attack by the I.R.G.C. that killed three military personnel. Under Trump, there was a quick retaliation to even powerful mongrels such as Iran’s Qasem Soleimani, and there were far less aggressive tactics used towards the United States because they feared Trump’s approach of anti-interventionism through unpredictable, aggressive strength when protecting the country.

Fighting within the Republican Party has only increased, as well, as the candidacy of Nikki Haley continues to subvert not only anti-Trump and anti-America First sentiment but an outward embrace of the Left to aid in stopping Trump and voting for Haley. New Hampshire's Republican Governor and Haley Campaign surrogate Chris Sununu openly embraced Democrats voting in open Republican Primaries. At the same time, Nikki Haley outwardly supported the E. Jean Carroll verdict to side with the deep state in hurting Donald Trump. 

The establishment uniparty wants to take back control, and they are willing to let Democrats win because of it. 

Donald Trump is the only man who can restore order to his party and the country as a whole because if he is not elected, our freedoms and security are at risk.

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