DAVID KRAYDEN: The jig is up for the World Economic Forum

Last week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) conference in Davos, Switzerland was unlike any in recent memory. This enclave of globalist authoritarians is worried; this club of unelected tyrants who want you to eat insects and own nothing is distracted; this cabal of international busybodies is running scared in 2024 and they seem to know that the jig is up in terms of convincing all those common folk that there is nothing sinister about the WEF’s plans for you and the world.

The week started with WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab leading off the list of speakers with a plea for trust. He even said he wanted to be your “trustee.” Trust was the theme of this year’s elitist get together and there was no doubt that Schwab was aware that trust was something he could not be assured of having. 

But by even appealing for your trust, Schwab betrayed the moral and ideological bankruptcy of his grasping organization. Why should he think he deserves your trust or that he should be anybody’s trustee? Who elected this guy to make decisions on our behalf? Why should the WEF insist that every country in the world from the United States to China must participate in its plans?

Clearly Argentine President Javier Milei is not participating in the WEF’s agenda and this newly elected leader made perhaps the most stunning speech ever heard in Davos as he blissfully and resoundingly repudiated everything the WEF is trying to push on the world, from the rigorously insane Environmental Social Governance (ESG) scores that are grounded in environmental extremism and potential famine to 15 minute cities that sound more like concentration camps than urban bliss. 

Sounding like a Latin American version of Ayn Rand, Milei dismantled the collectivist assumptio of the WEF, proclaiming, “Therefore, since there is no doubt that free enterprise capitalism is superior in productive terms, the left-wing doxa has attacked capitalism, alleging matters of morality, saying — that’s what the detractors claim — that it’s unjust. They say that capitalism is evil because it’s individualistic and that collectivism is good because it’s altruistic. Of course, with the money of others.”

“So they therefore advocate for social justice.”
Milei went further, insisting that government-inspired social injustice was both “intrinsically unfair” and “violent.”
“It’s unjust because the state is financed through tax and taxes are collected coercively. Or can any one of us say that we voluntarily pay taxes? This means that the state is financed through coercion and that the higher the tax burden, the higher the coercion and the lower the freedom.”
The Argentinian president argued that “free enterprise, capitalism and economic freedom have proven to be extraordinary instruments to end poverty in the world”  while “in countries that should defend the values of the free market, private property and the other institutions of libertarianism, sectors of the political and economic establishment are undermining the foundations of libertarianism, opening up the doors to socialism and potentially condemning us to poverty, misery and stagnation.”
Wow. I was expecting a cane to appear from behind those blue curtains to whisk Milei from the stage.
But he wasn’t finished.

“It should never be forgotten that socialism is always and everywhere an impoverishing phenomenon that has failed in all countries where it’s been tried out. It’s been a failure economically, socially, culturally and it also murdered over 100 million human beings.”

Yes, call it socialism, Marxism, communism, Marxism or National Socialism and that’s about what these toxic political systems create in abundance: death. 

But if Milei was stealing the show inside the auditorium, a hitherto largely unknown reporter was doing the same on the streets of Davos, sandbagging and scrumming the elites as they ventured from their sheltered hotel rooms to the meeting center or back again. 

Australian journalist Avi Yemini was on-scene for the scrappy Canadian media outlet “Rebel News.” Yemini and Rebel publisher Ezra Levant had come to Davos just after another of the online media’s reporters, David Menzies, had been arrested for assault after daring to ask Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland some uncomfortable questions about Canada’s support of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. 

Yemini ambushed a series of stone-faced and velcro-lipped establishment types but his attempt to engage with Heinz Ketchup king John Kerry, really went viral on social media after Yemini and his interview appeared on Fox News

Kerry, a former senator, Democratic presidential nominee and Skull and Bones alumni continues to feed at the public trough as President Joe Biden’s climate change czar. Yemini asked Kerry if he didn’t feel just a tad hypocritical about creating a massive carbon footprint with his private jet as he journeys around the world raising the consciousness of the human race. Kerry, who has justified his preferred transportation in the past by saying he doesn’t have the time for alternate modes of travel because of the blistering seriousness of his mission, didn’t even bother to explain his double-standard to Rebel News, just declaring, “That’s a stupid question.”

Well, as usual, it’s Kerry and other other globalists who looked stupid, including BlackRock vice-chairman Philipp Hidelbrand, who refused to answer any questions from independent journalists. Looking even more preposterous was the new standard of GDP unveiled by the WEF at the conference that makes the absurd claim that economic prosperity should not be judged by money in your pocket but by the global “inclusiveness” rate that it charts at precisely 55.9 out of 100. 

Klaus and his globalist dandies are terrified that you know the emperor wears no clothes and that they are standing in front of the world ideologically naked. 

That’s a reason for optimism in 2024.

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