EXCLUSIVE: The #1 topic at WEF is 'censorship of the internet'

Jack Posobiec was joined by guest Mike Benz, Executive Director of Foundation for Freedom, on Human Events Daily Wednesday, to discuss what has been happening at the World Economic Forum in Davos, which began Monday.

"What has been the number one theme of the World Economic Forum this year?" Posobiec asked. "It's not climate change. It's not Ukraine. It is censorship of the internet. They are painting a target directly on Elon Musk's forehead, and they're labeling it X."

Benz reported that yesterday NATO "tweeted about this cognitive security doctrine that they're developing around protecting people's cognition from misinformation online."

This, he said, is an "echo" of the events that unfolded after the 2016 election when Donald Trump won the presidency and globally, support began shifting to the right.

"NATO became apoplectic about losing hearts and minds," Benz explained. "And so NATO began publishing a series of white papers in January 2017, saying that mis- and dis-information were the biggest threats."

Control over "hearts and minds" then became more important to NATO than military and warfare.

"They even created this whole new doctrine called hybrid warfare, which went by the coinage from 'tanks to tweets'," Benz said. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg then began to travel around the world to talk about its "need to transition from a focus on tanks to tweets."

When Biden was elected, he said, these initiatives essentially disappeared, as NATO believed "they had everything on lock and they could just get back to policy because no one could contest them."

"But now that they're losing everywhere," Benz continued, "now that Elon Musk bought Twitter, and now that they're getting subpoenaed and sued into oblivion right now in multiple censorship lawsuits, now that funding is running out to a lot of these universities, and now that they're losing the Ukraine war, the focus is now back on cognitive warfare of their own people."

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