Polish President Duda to pardon 2 detained conservative MPs AGAIN as protests in streets of Warsaw intensify

Polish President Andrzej Duda said Thursday that he has started the process to again pardon the two conservative MPs who were arrested earlier in the week as tensions between the Right and Donald Tusk's globalist government heighten. Tens of thousands of Polish patriots continue to flood the streets of Warsaw in front of the parliament building, The Hill reports, to protest the new government seemingly overstepping since taking power by shutting down right-wing media and arresting political opponents.

Mariusz Kaminski, the former Home Affairs Minister, and his deputy Maciej Wasik were taken into custody at the presidential palace Tuesday after Duda's office posted a picture of the trio together, a move backed by Tusk.

Afterward, Duda made a statement from the presidential palace: "I will not rest in the fight for a fair and just Polish state. I will not rest until Mariusz Kaminski and his colleagues are free. I won't be scared. I will act legally, in accordance with the Consitution and the law - as before."

Duda had previously pardoned the pair in 2015 when Kaminski was accused of abuse of power in his role at Poland's Central Anti-Corruption Bureau for allowing agents to use entrapment in an investigation, which he vehemently denied.

The Supreme Court however reopened the case recently and sentenced Kaminski and Wasik to 2 years in prison.

While Duda held firm that his initial pardons were still valid, he announced he would seek clemency once again for the pair at the behest of their wives. The decision is being made at the hands of the justice minister, also the prosecutor general.

There have been disagreements between Duda along with the former PiS government and Poland's Supreme Court regarding the status of the Kaminski and Wasik's ministerships. While the court decided the pair lost their right to sit as MPs after being convicted of a crime, Duda says their arrests were illegal and both are still legitimate members of parliament.


Image: Title: Duda protest