Biden funds ballroom dancing in Peru to 'uplift transgender and gender-diverse' young people

The Biden administration will be sending foreign aid to sponsor ballroom dancing in Peru to "uplift transgender and gender-diverse" young people at the cost of US taxpayers.

Daily Caller reports that the program, supported by the State Department and titled "Ballroom Saves Lives: Resiliency and Wellness in Peru," is a tradition rooted in the Black and Latinx LGBTQIA community.

Through the utilization of ballroom dancing, this initiative, which is funded by the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund (CDAF), aims to link young LGBTQIA+ leaders with medical resources. The goal is to establish a relationship between these individuals and healthcare providers, according to the outlet.

Since its establishment in 2019 by the State Department, the CDAF has allocated a total of $1.85 million in grants, with a $10,000 maximum per grant. The fund is established to provide assistance to initiatives developed by former participants of exchange programs sponsored by the US government.

The CDAF announced the winners of the 2023 competition for the grants, saying: "The 2023 competition was the most competitive to date, with 47 winning teams selected out of 187 applications. The winning teams reflect a diverse range of exchange programs, supported by several U.S. government agencies and various communities across the United States. Applicants competed on five themes:

"Strengthening democratic institutions and fighting disinformation; Protecting the environment; Human rights, refugees, and migrants; Building community through arts, sports, language, and technology; and,
Fostering alumni network development."

The ballroom program, which comprises a sequence of workshops and three events, is an integral component of the State Department's effort to bolster democracy, counteract disinformation, safeguard the environment, and provide aid to refugees.

This project is one of a series of initiatives financed by CDAF with the goal of promoting empowerment and understanding among cultures. 

The projects supported by the fund in 2022 included workshops on hip-hop, graffiti, and dance styles like popping, locking, and breaking; they also examined the role jazz plays in the fight for freedom, democracy, and civil rights. Other projects included "Empowering Women Leaders in Rural Morocco."

In the past, despite criticism about movies that showed incest and improper relationships involving children, the State Department sponsored an LGBTQI+ film festival in Portugal. Citing a dedication to "protecting and promoting the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons," the Department defended its choice, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

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