Jack Posobiec blasts Iowa Republicans defending Satanic display in Capitol: The Satanic Temple is a 'left-wing atheist group who hates Christianity'

A shocking discovery was uncovered Monday that a Satanic ritual altar is currently sitting in the Iowa Capitol building, placed there by the Iowa chapter of the Satanic Temple. Jack Posobiec condemned the entire situation on Human Events Daily Tuesday and pointed out that members of the Republican party are actually defending the display in the name of "religious tolerance" and the "blessings of liberty."

The Satanic Temple is not in fact, as Posobiec noted, a religious organization at all, but a "left-wing atheist group who hates Christianity and says in their founding documents, that they want to destroy religion and destroy Christianity."

"And yet," he stated, "Iowa has decided to give them full religious protection, something that the founding fathers never would have envisioned when they wrote the first amendment in the first place."

Iowa is "meant to be a Republican" and "Christian state," he said. "Kim Reynolds there as the governor, we're told that she is someone who strongly values her Christian faith, the state legislature is Republican there."

"Now if there were any other group any other religion targeted; Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism," Posobiec said the display would be taken down immediately.

He continued: "But you've got Republicans that are so scared to actually stand up and fight and actually stand up for what we believe in that they will turn around and attack you for even bringing it up."

"Well, I'm sorry," he said. "But when I see this country in the state that it's in, when I see our citizens and when I see displays of Satanism, being defended by Republicans, I'm not going to be afraid to stand up and say that it should be taken down and the police should be arresting the people who put it up."

He called on Governor Reynolds to "do your job. Get rid of this thing."

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