Muslim children at Lebanese Beddawi Refugee Camp instructed to hate Jews, wish for martydom, dream of eradicating Israel

A video was posted to social media Sunday that showed children lined up in an organized anti-Israel protest at the Beddawi refugee camp in Lebanon.

The children were holding up signs as a camera panned the lot of them, with many of their eyes seemingly darting off to unseen individuals behind the camera. Their faces appeared to be painted with fake blood and bruises.

A boy began to speak to the camera in the video, which was translated by MEMRI: "Today, we have declared this demonstration in solidarity with our people in Gaza, and because of the anniversary of the partition of Palestine."

"All of Palestine must be returned," he declared. "Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel. It is the eternal capital of Palestine.

"There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Messenger.

"We will all liberate it, from its river to its sea, and from its mountains to its rivers, Allah willing," he said.

The phrase "from the river to the sea" is notoriously antisemitic and has been adopted by radical terrorist groups such as Hamas to call for the erasure of Jews in Israel, according to the American Jewish Committee.

"May Allah have mercy on all the children of Gaza. Inshallah, they will all be martyred and go to Paradise," the boy concluded.

A man identified as Osama Al-Ali of The Arab-Palestinian Culture Club then spoke to the camera:

"We emphasize, and we teach our children, that Palestine in its entirety belongs to us. On the anniversary of Palestine's partition, we are saying that it is all ours from Rosh HaNikra to Eilat, and from the River to the Sea.

"This is what this generation is being raised upon, and this is the path followed by thousands of martyrs, or even tens of thousands of martyrs in the past 100 years and more."

The Beddawi refugee camp was established by UNRWA in 1955 to house Palestinians wishing to leave Israel, according to The Cut. It has since housed Syrians and is one of the oldest and most densely populated refugee camps in Lebanon.

While it is unclear who was responsible for organizing the video, Hamas has long used children as propaganda in their tactics. In 2014, it was discovered that a children's TV show broadcast from Gaza by Hamas had encouraged kids to "beat up" and "shoot" Jews.

"Next time [the Jews] come, punch them. Turn their faces into tomatoes," exclaimed a character in a bee costume to two giggling little girls.

"I will shoot the Jews," one of the little girls declares after being encouraged by older characters on the show.

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