London parents lose bid to stop double mastectomy of trans-identified daughter

London parents of a 17-year-old biological female who identifies as non-binary lost the bid to prevent their child from having a double mastectomy. The High Court in London argued that the child would turn 18 before the procedure and would therefore be able to give consent as an adult, The Telegraph reports.

When the parents requested to have their child psychiatrically examined, it ruled that it would be "wholly disproportionate to permit an expert to examine the teenager."

The child accused the parents of believing that LGBTQ+ were "evil and satanic."

“I was being emotionally abused by my parents constantly because they would almost make comments to me about how identifying as transgender means I am mentally ill and they would constantly make homophobic/transphobic comments towards me and say things such as the reason LGBTQ+ is normal in the UK is because they are trying to reduce the population,” the child stated to the court.

The parents presented the court with a diagnosis from a psychiatrist in their native country that stated the child had schizotypal personality disorder. They also said their teenager suffered from bipolar disorder, catatonic states, and had once had a psychotic episode. They had also revealed their family had an extensive history with mental illness.

Social workers, however, said that the child was "a bright, strong minded young individual, doing well academically, with good strong friendship groups and an important place in the community and keen to continue in the sixth form."

The court also heard the child claim she believed her "real life" would only begin after she had her breasts removed.

The teenager's lawyers called the parents' efforts to have their daughter psychologically evaluated "oppressive" and argued it was to affirm a "fixed belief." The justice overseeing the case likened their attempts to "hallmarks of so-called ‘conversion therapy.'"

The Court stated in a written ruling that the parents believed their child's body piercings and breast binder were a form of self-harm and that they had made homophobic comments. The justice concluded there was no evidence of the child being mentally ill.

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