Trans CEO of women's health charity believes biological sex, age are 'constructs,' demands access to female-only spaces

A man who identifies as a trans woman has been named CEO of an endometriosis charity in the UK. Steph Richards, 71, identifies as having "a female brain," believes it is his right to access women's changing rooms in shops and locker rooms, and believes that "'men', 'women', 'child' are social constructs."

"We are excited to share with you all that we welcome Steph to the team as our new CEO." Endometriosis South Coast posted to X before getting blasted for their choice and promptly locking their account.

"Supporting to move forward with our missions as a charity," they continued, "we are all grateful to have Steph on board. Watch this space for more updates soon."

Richards, a man last seen protesting against women's rights "and complaining to the UN about the Equality and Human Rights Commission" as Maya Forstater said, "has now been appointed CEO of an endometriosis charity."

Richards posted his thanks for the post too, saying that he is "genuinely honored" by the appointment. "My mission will be to oversee the charity's everyday running, raise awareness of endometriosis and adenomyosis and raise the profile of ESC," Richards said.

"Around 10% of women and trans men suffer from endo, with some suffering from deliberating pain regularly," Richard continued. Trans men are actually women. "The average diagnosis time via the #NHS is now eight years, costing the economy £8.2 billion per year due to medical costs and lost days at work."

In the same post, Richards spoke about his take on "feminism," saying "Feminism has many causes, far too many to put in one tweet - but for me, inequality in healthcare is a priority and I will do my best to help overcome this injustice."

While Richards is now heading up one women's charity, he has taken aim at others, such as Sex Matters, which advocates for women's sex-based rights. When author and women's rights advocate Bev Jackson posted a link to Sex Matters work as a helpful resource for "parents of teenagers with 'gender' issues," Richards pushed back.

"I don't think @SexMattersOrg are really the right place to go, Bev," Richards said. "What qualifications do they have to speak on this issues? In my opinion, they are an advocacy group seeking to reduce my human rights. I would certainly suggest parents go to Mermaids and possibly GenderGP."

Mermaids was headed until just recently by Susie Green, a woman who undertook the gender transition of her minor son because, as she said in a now-deleted Ted Talk, her husband didn't want a gay son. She endeavored to make that son female by taking him to Thailand at the age of 16 to undergo castration and vaginoplasty. Because the boy had been on puberty blockers and estrogen for so long, he did not have enough genital flesh, as Green said in her talk, to construct a fleshy neovagina.

It is from this group that Richards believes parents and children should seek information, and not from the legal advocates of Sex Matters.

Richards has been outspoken about his trans woman status in the past, saying that he is justified in using women's only change rooms, bathrooms, and athletic competitions. In 2021, Richards wrote "See me in the changing room, see me in the loo, see me in the supermarket buying flowers. See me in the swimming pool, see me in the pub, see me on the sports field taking part in games."

"See you in hell if you are a terf - nothing will stop me from strutting my stuff."

Richards also believes that biological sex and even age are merely constructs. "We will likely disagree, but 'men', 'women', 'child' are social constructs," Richards said last year.

Now, Richards heads up a group that is meant to help "constructs" deal with a biological reality that Richards doesn't believe exists. 

Richards is a women's officer with the UK's Labour Party, Reduxx reports, and actually received the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards. Richards, who feels that being trans gives him access and entitlement to women's spaces, also believes that this gives him access to women directly. Richards posted that he challenged a woman to a debate after reading her t-shirt while she was walking down the street and was aghast when she was not up for that debate.

"I saw a woman wearing an "Adult Human Female' T-shirt today. Now, I am always willing to discuss trans and women's rights, so I went up to her, told her I was a trans woman and asked if we could talk. She REFUSED, even though she was with 2 mates. So much for 'no debate'," Richards said.


Image: Title: steph richards