SAVANAH HERNANDEZ: Male trans activist tells women 'you don't' own periods and womanhood

In the latest example of the decline of sanity in the United States, a male trans activist has taken to TikTok to chastise women as “transphobic” for stating that only biological women are women and only women can get periods.

“The audacity and the arrogance for cis-women to believe that they own periods, that they own womanhood,” the makeup-wearing man began, “you don’t, okay.”

He then said womanhood and periods are a mere “experience” and that everyone “experiences” womanhood differently. 

As more men have continued to push the message that womanhood is an “experience” and that anyone can decide to become the female gender, more women are becoming vocal in their opposition to the attack on womanhood. 

“I’m not a ‘cis’ woman, I’m a woman,” one female Twitter user responded, “I own all aspects of my gender including periods, childbirth, and nursing. Don’t mansplain to me with your fake boobs, eyelashes and ridiculous amounts of makeup,” she tweeted.


Buck Angel, a female-to-male transgender, also chimed in on the conversation stating, “Only a female gets a period!” Angel then went on to share that as a biological woman, the only reason she no longer gets a period is due to using testosterone for thirty years.

“I had them and now I look like a man and have used testosterone for thirty years and do NOT get it anymore and I am happy BUT not ONE single biological man has EVER had a period!” Angel tweeted. 

This is one of the many examples of men trying to force their way into women’s spaces with another trans activist recently telling women that if they were uncomfortable with trans women in women’s restrooms, they could “use the bathroom at home.” 

But women continue to fight back against the erasure of their gender and are continuing to speak out against this insanity, now labeled videos of men like the one above as, “trans-plaining.”

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

Image: Title: trans women


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