London midwives forced to record newborns' 'gender identity' instead of biological sex

Midwives in two London, England, hospitals are being forced to record newborn baby's "gender identity" instead of their biological sex in what the National Health Service is calling a "system error" with its new IT system. 

According to the Daily Mail, the new £450 million EPIC computer systems at Guy's and Thomas' Hospital and King's College Hospital only had the option for midwives to select a "gender identity" during the discharge summary. 

With the nationalized health system in place in the UK, one whistleblower explained, "The hospital discharge summary is an important document for the baby to receive the best care from the whole NHS team." The records are placed into their NHS health records and will be sent to the doctors who will be in charge of that child's care after discharge. 

"But we are talking about newborns and very young babies here. What on earth has gender identity as a concept got to do with them? It's ludicrous," the whistleblower said. 

Professor of midwifery at Coventry University, Jenny Gamble noted, "Sex is not assigned at birth, that is delusional." She added, "A baby cannot have a gender identity, because it's a baby." 

"Gender identity is important later in life but it never erases the importance of sex," Gamble noted. 

Maya Forstater, with the Sex Matters organization, noted on X, "Recording sex accurately at birth is the bedrock of our official identity. It is information that is needed throughout your life." She added, "This development is very concerning."

Forstater said, per the Daily Mail, "London hospitals registering babies by their gender identity is absurd and chilling, and a clear indicator of the extent to which trans activism has taken over the NHS."

The whistleblower echoed those sentiments and said that there was a "climate of fear" among midwives about the NHS system. They noted that medical professionals are discouraged from using sex-based terms such as "mother" but instead use terms such as "birthing-parent." 

The NHS claimed that it was an error in the new system, which was made in the U.S., and they would be changing it to read sex on the discharge summary. However, the organization has been under fire recently for pushing a "woke agenda." 

In August, the NHS announced its new Rainbow Badge Scheme and would give hospitals "grades" from transgender rights organizations, which claim that the term "mother" is transphobic. 

Health Secretary Steve Barclay has vowed to do away with the "wokery" happening in the NHS and recently introduced new regulations that make hospital wards based on biological sex and not gender identity. 

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