BREAKING: Tommy Robinson arrested in London at March Against Antisemitism for 'causing alarm and distress': report

Founder of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson was arrested on Sunday as he attempted to join the March Against Antisemitism. This march comes after weeks of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel marches have been happening throughout London. Robinson was led away by police.

Robinson spoke out against the arrest, saying the the Metropolitan Police said his precense was causing "alarm and distress." He spoke out against the police, saying that their "control" of "who is media and who isn't" amounts to fascism. Robinson said he supports Israel, and demanded to know who he was "causing alarm and distress to." He said London Mayor Sadiq Khan is "an apologist for Hamas."

Robinson protested the arrest, saying that it was wrong for officers to arrest a journalist. His cameraman filmed it and Robinson repeatedly told officers "I'm at work."

He spoke from the station, saying that London has a "two-tiered police system." Robinson said he'd been pepper-sprayed.

In advance of his arrest, Robinson posted "Am I about to be arrested for supporting the Jewish people and Israel? Am I going to be arrested for journalism? For hating antisemitism? For being an ally to Jews?"

Despite his saying that he was both in support of the march and covering it as a journalist, The Independent, and others in their reporting on his arrest, stated that there were concerns that Robinson would "disrupt" the march.

"There had been fears in that Mr Robinson, the former leader of the far-right grouping, could disrupt the protest organised by charity Campaign Against Antisemitism," The Independent reported.

Sky News said the police had told Robinson he was not welcome. "The Met said in advance he was "not welcome" at the march, with the force warning that any offences "whether from within the protest or from any groups trying to challenge or interfere with the march" would be dealt with," Sky News reported. Robinson said that Sky News had "taken the side of Hamas" and called their reporting "an absolute disgrace."

Supporters went to the Charing Cross station to inquire after Robinson.

Metropolitan Police had said in advance of the march that they supported the right to a free press.

Tens of thousands were expected at the march to show solidarity with the UK's Jewish population and with Israel, which was attacked by Palestinian terror group Hamas on October 7. Israel declared war and retaliated.

The police had said they would be policing the route of the march, which began at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Saturday saw yet another pro-Palestinian march in which activists called for a ceasefire one day after a ceasefire had begun. The ceasefire was brokered with the helo fo the US and saw the relsease of hostages taken by Hamas, including women and children, as well as the release of Palestinians serving time for their crimes in Israeli prisons.

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