NICOLE RUSSELL: Conservatives in America have been conned—now it's time to fight back

September 11 was the worst act of terrorism on our soil ever. Almost 3,000 innocent people died that day. But thanks to TikTok, the younger generations have now become enamored with Osama bin Laden’s master plan to tear the West apart, via his 2002 “Letter to America,” and they agree with his misguided philosophy that America deserved 9/11. In fact, America earned it. Where could this hatred, disdain – so far from indifference – have come from? 

A disturbing trend taking place in real life and online shows that over the last two decades, while progressives rallied for America, and specifically the Republican party, to take “baby steps” on issues like gay marriage, transgender treatment for minors, and increasingly fewer abortion restrictions, there was something far greater and more sinister at work. In reality, the far left was using those issues as proxies to systematically dismantle America’s fundamental values. Those issues, while important to the left, now seem like the tip of the iceberg compared to the hatred heaped upon America and her values. 

Conservatives in America have been conned. While conservatives were trying to let progressives have gay marriage or some abortion, in colleges, universities, and even at the K-12 level in some states, an entire class of academia were teaching our kids that if conservatives give an inch on these issues, progressives should take a mile. While the left was pushing conservatives out of their comfort zones, urging them to simply be more tolerant and embrace greater pluralism, they were actually telling our kids that all of these values are rooted in Judeo-Christian ideas and must be condemned. It was never just about one controversial issue. Progressives were actively working to paint America with a broad brush as an oppressive, traditional country whose roots must be torn out, burned up, and dismantled completely.

While conservatives framed marriage as sacred, abortion as morally wrong, and transgender treatment as harmful, progressives were quietly suggesting that these debates were really more simple, that they were actually about the oppressor versus the oppressed. And since America was founded on Judeo-Christian, western roots, she is the oppressor, the lessons went, and anyone who embraces leftism, in any form, is oppressed. 

So now, two decades have passed. Some of the children’s children of 9/11 are in high school or college, and they have no problem shouting “There is only one solution. Intifada. Revolution!” because they’ve been taught for years that the root of America’s problems isn’t the lack of gay marriage, or the lack of abortion on demand nationwide, but the fact that she’s seeped in a value system that oppresses everyone, but especially, progressives. So the only way to handle this is to destroy America, a la bin Laden’s “Letter to America.” 

Dozens of young Americans have posted videos on TikTok expressing sympathy with Osama bin Laden, the notorious terrorist who orchestrated the September 11 attacks, for his infamous “Letter to America” which criticized the United States, including its government and support of Israel. The letter, which attempts to justify the targeting and killing of American civilians, was first published in 2002 in The Guardian. It began to circulate last week on TikTok and videos on the topic had garnered at least 14 million views by later that week.

Young people in the videos seemed fascinated by bin Laden, supported his assessment of the United States, and were shared within the framework of America’s support for Israel in its ongoing war against Hamas.It’s one thing to misunderstand the origins of the Israel-Hamas war, although that’s increasingly difficult to justify. It’s even worse to use that conflict as a springboard to embrace the most horrifying terrorist attack on American soil and to agree with an evil leader like bin Laden. America’s youth has gone from championing controversial political policies to echoing the justification of killing innocent civilians, in the misguided belief that because America rests on Judeo-Christian values, it’s an oppressive country to the rest of the world. Nothing could be further from the truth, but this doesn’t matter.

The only thing worse is knowing that for decades, the conservatives of our nation were fooled into believing progressives actually still supported traditional, western values, but that they just wanted America to look different while doing so. This is not the case at all. Gay marriage, abortion rights, and all the other controversial topics were proxy battles used to undermine America’s fundamental values in colleges and universities nationwide, over and over, until they finally believed the worst place to live is a place where men used to shout, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

It’s time to fight for America. There’s a lot more at stake than we realized.

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