BREAKING: J6 footage reveals Capitol Police fired into peaceful crowd, gave no warnings

New footage from January 6, 2021, released by Speaker Mike Johnson, reveals that Capitol Police fired rubber bullets and other projectiles into the non-violent crowd that was protesting outside of the building, inciting chaos and confusion.

Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam were reporting on the grounds in Washington DC that day, walking towards the Capitol when they heard flash bangs go off at around 1:10 pm EST, right around the time President Donald Trump’s speech was ending.

Posobiec hosted Kassam on his show, Human Events, Monday to recount the events and timeline of the day from their perspective now that these new revelations have finally come to light.

Raheem recalled hearing a bang for the first time and initially thought it sounded like “pallets falling off of the back of a truck” before quickly getting a better view from a rooftop of the scuffle unfolding.

He reminded viewers that the public was asked to believe that Trump’s speech near the White House had incited the “insurrection” despite the timeline of events not adding up. Although this was “debunked rather quickly,” this new footage proves that the violence seen that day was incited by police.

“We’ve now seen so many more angles, so much more footage of who actually started and provoked the violence that day and, unfortunately, it was the police,” Kassam stated. “The police indiscriminately fired flash bangs, non-lethal munitions into a crowd that was otherwise just milling around.”

He reported that the protesters were not attempting to breach the building nor were any rough with police until they were fired upon. It is unknown at this time who directly gave the order to fire without warning.

Posobiec added that the area the crowd was congregating at which has largely been referred to as a “restricted area” was merely the lawn of the Capitol building which he has taken his kids to play at in the past.

Kassam pointed out that, judging by the demographic age of the protesters, most of them were likely used to the time when the public was able to access its Capitol’s grounds freely. It is ridiculous, he concluded, that the lawn was seen as a restricted area that day.

“There was one set of people that changed the rules that day and it wasn’t the Trump supporters,” he said. “It was the political establishment, it was Nancy Pelosi, it was the instructions she gave to the Capitol police.”

Image: Title: Poso Raheem Kassam


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