BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Owen Shroyer prevented from speaking with his lawyer since being thrown in solitary confinement for second time

Jack Posobiec hosted Owen Shroyer’s legendary lawyer, Norm Pattis on Human Events Thursday to give the inside scoop on what’s happening to Shroyer behind bars at Oakdale federal prison in Louisiana for his 60-day sentence.

Posobiec described Pattis, who also represents Alex Jones, as “one man who has been fighting against that tooth and nail fighting for the rights of American citizens, right fighting for rights of journalists fighting for the rights of those who have been wrongfully accused in America.”

Pattis revealed that Shroyer was placed back in solitary confinement without any means of communication since Tuesday after being previously held in solitary for a week due to Covid protocols. He suspects, this time around, it is due to the fact that Shroyer made a phone call to Alex Jones, his friend and colleague, from prison which was broadcast during Infowars on X.

“That message was purely benign,” Pattis recounted. “He thanked his supporters for their mail, he promised that he would be reengaged in the world to follow the news. He didn't say a bad thing about anybody. But he said I might be the first prisoner ever to be able to broadcast from behind bars.”

He said that “within hours,” Shroyer was placed back in solitary confinement.

The lawyer has been unable to reach his client despite placing legal calls and an “email to the folks at Oakdale to find out about his health or welfare” to which he received no response.

He said that he has “every reason to believe he's alive and well” but that he does not know how long the prison intends to hold his client in solitary or why.

"He's been locked up apparently for speaking out on the telephone," he said.

He called on newly elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to investigate the situation with Shroyer in Oakdale because he has “every reason and good reason to believe that the District of Columbia prosecutor's office has their thumb on the scales of the terms and conditions of incarceration for J6 defendants.”

Pattis revealed that while he was representing Joe Biggs and Zach Rehl with the Proud Boys in relation to J6, he was told the US Attorney’s Office in DC and the DOJ ordered for their classification to be changed from a low-security facility to a medium-security facility after they were convicted.

He alluded to the notion that, despite probation officials recommending probation, the DOJ wanted Shroyer to serve time because of his past remarks, saying, “there's never been a case in the United States where protected speech, speech that you have every right to utter, has been used to enhance a criminal penalty.”

Pattis called on every person who knows a pretrial or post-conviction J6 detainee to “report the conditions of confinement for their loved ones” so that evidence can be compiled that the DOJ is making sentences and confinement harsher for patriots in order to send a message.

To show support for Owen Shroyer and show the Bureau of Prisons that Americans stand with him, Pattis said, send mail to the Oakdale federal prison. His inmate number is 05937-107.

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