OLIVER GHORBANIFAR: Antifa is Joe Biden's pit bull

We’ve all seen them: the middle-aged wine aunt or ex-party girl single mom who has decided to attempt to ‘heal’ the ‘trauma’ caused by a plethora of bad decisions in their youth by adopting a pit bull. 

They then become evangelists to anyone who makes the mistake of giving them the time of day about how the pit bull, in spite of its well-earned reputation for viciousness, is actually a lovable teddy bear and if you attempt to assert otherwise you are probably some kind of evil racist. This evangelism extends to small children, who they are particularly fond of inviting to pet and snuggle their drooling death machines. That is until the inevitable happens and said pit mommy looks on impotently as their four-legged, surrogate husband decides to turn the neighbor’s toddler into several pounds of 80/20 hamburger meat. 

But there happens to be a new pit mommy in town, and this time it’s none other than the President of the United States of America: Joseph R. Biden. 

While Biden may look like a decrepit and senile 80-year-old-man on the outside, spiritually he is America’s most powerful ‘pit mommy’ and his favorite dog has now broken loose.

And, no, this isn’t even a reference to Biden’s literal dog, Commander, who has become notorious for terrorizing members of the White House staff but rather the ‘figurative’ dog of the far-left street gang known as ‘Antifa.’

Originally bred and funded to be a militant wing of the progressive movement with the ability to terrorize American conservatives in the street while allowing its liberal political allies to feign ignorance, in the years since Trump’s election the various groups commonly known as Antifa served their masters in the Democratic party well. 

But given enough time even the most well-fed dog can grow bored, and that’s exactly what happened to Antifa. With Trump and much of his MAGA movement now being actively persecuted by the entire arsenal of the U.S. deep state, trying to find whatever few Proud Boys remain who aren’t in jail and still want to fight in the street just doesn't bring the same thrills that it used to.

But a new fight against white-coded Jewish “colonizers” engaged in “oppression” and “ethnic cleansing” against Muslim people of color? Now that is exciting. Exciting enough to once again turn out thousands of far-left protestors in major cities across the U.S. and justify another round of mass looting, arson and assault. As love of destruction and violence are themselves the true motivators for the vast majority of individuals that actively participate in the Antifa movement, a group in which career criminals and sexual deviants are highly overrepresented. 

This was never a part of the plan for the Biden administration, and the coalition of powerful elite progressive and deep state interests his presidency represents, however. Afterall their attack dog had been bred and supported originally as a way to torment their conservative enemies on behalf of the liberal power structure itself. 

But now antifa and its far-left allies are now off the chain and running wild, terrorizing American Jews in the street on behalf of an insane and barbaric gang of Islamist terrorists. 

It’s the political equivalent of mauling your neighbor’s toddler and may end up unraveling, not only Joe Biden’s already failing presidency, but even the very Democratic coalition itself. 

A result which, in the long run, might actually be the best possible outcome for everyone.

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