BREAKING: Arrest has been made for manslaughter in the hockey slashing death of Adam Johnson in the UK

A man has been arrested in the UK in connection with the death of hockey player Adam Johnson.

Johnson, who played for the Nottingham Panthers, had his throat slit by the skate blade of Sheffield Steelers' Matt Petgrave during a game on October 28. 

According to the South Yorkshire Police, the man, who has not been named, was apprehended on suspicion of manslaughter on Tuesday. No charges have been filed.

"Our investigation launched immediately following this tragedy and we have been carrying out extensive enquiries ever since to piece together the events which led to the loss of Adam in these unprecedented circumstances," Detective Chief Superintendent Becs Horsfall said.

"We have been speaking to highly specialised experts in their field to assist in our enquiries and continue to work closely with the health and safety department at Sheffield City Council, which is supporting our ongoing investigation."

Horsfall noted that Johnson's death "has sent shockwaves through many communities, from our local residents here in Sheffield to ice hockey fans across the world."

"We know these communities will expect us to handle this investigation with the same professionalism, fairness and sensitivity as any other and request that members of the public refrain from comment and speculation which could hinder this process. Our thoughts remain with all affected by this devastating incident as enquiries continue."

Johnson, who had a brief stint in the NHL with the Pittsburgh Penguins before transferring to the Nottingham Panthers of the UK's Elite Ice Hockey League in August, collided with Petgrave during the aforementioned game.

The blade of Petgrave's skate swung up and slit Johnson's neck, causing him to bleed out on the ice. Emergency medical personnel rushed him to a nearby hospital, but it was too late. He succumbed to his injuries and was soon declared dead.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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