Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says his forces will not yet enter Israel-Hamas War

The leader of Hezbollah gave his first public remarks since Hamas brutally attacked Israel leading to war in the Middle East, after many questioned if the Lebanese Shia Islamist group would be fighting with their fellow terrorist organization.

Hassan Nasrallah gave his speech from an undisclosed location. It was highly anticipated, with Hezbollah being the largest political military force in Lebanon and it being announced five days in advance.

Although averring that Hezbollah would be “ready, available, and prepared for all scenarios,” he did not announce a commitment to entering the war.

He did, however, call for a ceasefire in Gaza and warned against Israeli hostility towards Lebanon.

He said that Israel taking pre-emptive action on Hezbollah would be “the most foolish thing they could do.”

Nasrallah disclosed that Hamas did not tell Hezbollah or members of “the axis of resistance,” such as Iran. "This attack was 100 percent Palestinian and had nothing to do with regional issues," he said.

Referring to the cross-border strikes Hezbollah has been conducting to pull Israeli forces away from Gaza, he stated: "Some say I’m going to announce that we have entered the battle. We already entered the battle on Oct. 8.”

He did at one point turn his focus to the United States.

“Since the outbreak of the war, the US has threatened to bomb us in Lebanon from its military ships in the Mediterranean. We are prepared for whatever scenario,” he said.

He continued, “If an all-out war breaks out, you Americans will pay with your ships, your aircrafts and your soldiers.

“Remember your defeats in Lebanon and Iraq, and your humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan. Those who defeated you in Lebanon in the 1980s are still alive and their children and grandchildren are ready to face you.

“Your fleet in the Mediterranean do not scare us… We are ready to face the fleet you threaten us with. Whoever wants to prevent a regional war must quickly stop the aggression on Gaza.”

He later seemingly blamed the US for supporting Israel, saying “Only you Americans can end what is happening now in Gaza, since you started it.”

His ultimate warning was: “I tell Israel: Do not go any further. Many civilians have already died. I promise you: A civilian for a civilian."

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