Paris Metro riders identify as 'proud Nazis,' scream 'f*ck the Jews'

A horrific video of kids yelling “f*ck the Jews” and “We are Nazis and proud” on the Paris metro went viral on social media Wednesday. The scene was captured by a train passenger and shows onlookers in shock and in a state of disbelief.

The video, translated from French, is captioned “an ordinary day on line 3.”

They are also seen screaming “f*ck the Jews and f*ck your mother … long live Palestine!”

French prosecutors have launched an investigation into the incident, the New York Post reports.

Paris Police Chief Laurent Nunez said on X that these were “Shocking, unacceptable, unworthy comments,” announcing the investigation. He added, "We won't let anything go. All means of investigation will be used to quickly find the perpetrators.”

While the kids, who sounded to be young adults, can be partially seen in the video, their faces were mostly blocked.

There has been a surge in antisemitic activity in France since Oct 7, when Hamas brutally attacked Israel, including murder and antisemitic vandalism.

A high school teacher in Arras was stabbed to death by an Islamic extremist who was screaming “Allahu Akbar” on Friday October 13, the day that former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal called for a “day of Jihad.”

Additionally, a slew of antisemitic markings have appeared on homes and buildings in and around Paris since last week. There have been 857 total registered markings and 425 arrests in connection with antisemitic incidents in France since October 7.

The Prime Minister of France, Elisabeth Borne, said to the National Assembly Tuesday: “The situation in the Middle East does not justify antisemitism … my government is determined to wage a merciless fight against it. It is the duty of the republic to protect all the Jews of France.”

Image: Title: Paris Nazi teens


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