Pakistani senator praises Hitler's genocide of Jews

Pakistani Senator Afnan Ullah Khan praised Adolf Hitler for exterminating millions of Jews on Saturday in a post on social media which has sparked significant outrage.

The post has since been removed by X for violating community guidelines and Sen. Khan received a strong condemnation from several users, including those with Palestinian flags in their bios, according to Jerusalem Post.

"At least now the world know, why he did, what he did #Gaza_Genicide," Sen. Khan wrote on X with an attached photo of Adolf Hitler.

The senator's comment comes as the Israeli Defense Forces started its ground incursion into Gaza as the state's war against Hamas terrorists enters its next phase. Israel has been heavily criticized by anti-Israel activists over their declaration of war, with pro-Palestinian activists accusing Israel of committing genocide of the Palestinian people.

"What absolute and shameful comment. No violence is justifiable be it against Palestinians or Jews. Standing up for rights of Palestinians doesn't justify such comments," an individual said to Khan on X.

"This is bad, very bad. Please delete immediately. Nazism was as bad as Zionism, both must be condemned unequivocally," said one social media user who had a Palestinian flag next to their name.

"Delete this," another pro-Palestinian user said to Khan.

While Senator Khan did not delete his post, Elon Musk's X found that it had violated community guidelines and removed it from the platform. Despite the intense backlash, the senator has doubled down on his anti-Israel sentiments.

Khan has since shared multiple posts that allege Israel is a terrorist state and that "Zionists" are the modern-day "Nazis."

In 2021, Khan became the youngest senator elected to the Pakistan government. Khan currently serves as the Chairman of the National Heritage & Culture Committee and is a member of the Senate standing committees of IT & Telecom, Science & Tech, Aviation, Housing & Works, and Petroleum. He was educated in the United Kingdom and attended Oxford, York, and Central London universities, according to Linked-In.

Image: Title: khan