BREAKING: Jordan CANCELS Amman summit with Joe Biden and Palestinian and Egyptian leaders

A Jordanian foreign minister revealed that Jordan canceled a four-way summit set for Wednesday in Amman that would have included Joe Biden as well as other world leaders, including King Abdullah II of Jordan, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. 

In a statement to al-Mamlaka TV, Ayman Safadi said that the Israel-Hamas war is "pushing the region to the brink," according to the Associated Press. 

The White House reported that Biden was intending to use the summit as an opportunity to talk about the bloody Oct. 7 Hamas surprise attack on Israel.

"After consulting with King Abdullah II of Jordan and in light of the days of mourning announced by President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, President Biden will postpone his travel to Jordan and the planned meeting with these two leaders and President Sisi of Egypt," The White House said in a statement released on Tuesday afternoon. "The President sent his deepest condolences for the innocent lives lost in the hospital explosion in Gaza, and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded. He looks forward to consulting in person with these leaders soon, and agreed to remain regularly and directly engaged with each of them over the coming days."

This comes just after a massive explosion took place at a hospital in Gaza, reportedly killing at least 500 people. The Israeli government and Hamas alike have both laid blame on each other for the attack. 

In other related news, King Abdullah II of Jordan stressed on Tuesday that Palestinian refugees will not be allowed to come into Jordan, and said that this will be a "red line" for the people of his nation.

This is a developing story.

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