KENNY CODY: The US needs Trump's approach to foreign policy

If the last week has proven anything, it is that the current status quo of weakness, negligence, and ignorance that is President Joe Biden's foreign policy reflects how much former President Donald Trump's approach is missed. Over this past weekend, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas surprise attacked Israel in one of the deadliest attacks on the country and people of the Jewish faith the world has ever witnessed. Scenes from the conflict have circled social and mainstream media, as Israeli women, children, and innocent bystanders have been obliterated in the onslaught from Hamas.

While it is well known that Israel will respond in kind to the attacks that will likely wipe Hamas from the face of the earth, it is still relevant that two of the world's most intensified militaristic conflicts have happened under the watch of the most incompetent leader of the free world the United States has ever had in office. In all his wisdom, Joe Biden has decided to host barbeques, call lids, and cower in the face of adversity while the world runs wildly due to his weakness as President of the United States.

The sort of shills who operate in traditional or establishment politics thought that the nice older man from Delaware would be the ultimate judge of peace, tranquility, and diplomacy when he entered office in the early days of 2021. Yet, he has proven to be a complete failure in foreign and domestic relations.

Biden's inefficient handling of foreign relations differs from Donald Trump, who singlehandedly prevented the United States from getting into a foreign conflict -- overseas or otherwise -- during his entire tenure in office, a feat that no one thought was possible before he was sworn in. Citizens may wonder why Trump, viewed as an aggressive madman by many on both sides of the political spectrum, handled foreign policy like he did.

On the surface, Trump was unpredictable. No one knew if a decision would be made to launch World War III or if he would take a calculated approach to diplomacy. Ironically enough, the threat of retaliation, intimidation, and aggressive nature made Donald Trump the most successful President in his approach to foreign policy than nearly any President in United States history when it came to anti-interventionist strategies.

When Iran attacked and killed several U.S. military personnel, Trump responded by going after and ordering an assassination of their giant dog and militaristic mastermind, Qasem Solemani. When Russia had talked about threats to invade Ukraine, Trump discussed bombing Russia's capital, Moscow, in danger directly toward Russian President and oligarch Vladimir Putin. Trump has stated that he does not know if he would have gone through with this threat or his threats towards Iranian President Hassan Rouhani through intimidating tweets.

The media, establishment, and the left all responded to these actions by reactionary dramatics that claimed he would get the United States attacked to get us involved in a foreign matter we had no place in. Yet, nothing ever happened. Trump kept the United States, and frankly the rest of the world, safe because he intimidated the same leaders that the rest of the earth's leaders fear the most because of the aggressive attitude of America's first foreign policy. He had no allegiances nor ties to the neoconservatives who had led the country through foreign affairs so many times before, nor the neoliberals that the military-industrial complex had worked years on to buy off. Trump kept our country safe because he prioritized it before all else.

Peace by intimidation is what we need in our country right now and from now on. Donald Trump's leadership was embodied by not being run over by the rest of the world's approach to foreign affairs and putting the United States' needs before anywhere else's when making policy decisions. We need Trump back as soon as possible to restore order, faith, and protection to our country.

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