JACK POSOBIEC: Biden admin has created a ‘hyperescalation on every front’ of Israel-Gaza and Russia-Ukraine wars

Jack Posobiec predicted the direction the US government and Biden administration are going amid the escalating war in the Middle East on Human Events Daily Monday.

He began by saying that America is focused on and facing “hyperescalation on every front.”

The Biden administration has just announced … 2,000 American troops are being prepared to deploy in support of Israel. This is in addition to the two aircraft carriers that the United States that Biden has sent to the region.

The amount of personnel needed to man each carrier totals 10,000 people. With the addition of ground troops and the battle carrier group, Jack predicted America is sending around 12,500 troops total to Israel.

He predicted that the Biden administration would call for “mass US involvement in the war” after one deployed American gets killed, and that last week was a “full force assault on your amygdala saying we must get involved.”

“And guess what, folks? He continued, “We won't know who fires the shot. We won't know where it came from.”

He declared that this scenario is what warmongers want. He then referred back to a clip of US Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen stating “the American economy is doing extremely well” as an argument to continue funding Ukraine in addition to support in Israel.

“This is Mearsheimer’s warning on steroids,” he stated. “What have we been warning you about for the past 18 months under this administration?”

Posobiec put things into perspective, reporting that President Trump was issued a gag order on Monday by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is foreign-born, making it illegal for him to comment on his pending legal battle.

“This is reality,” he continued. “If you are not waking up to the dire situation we are in, then just just go do something else.”

“Go change your channel, turn off Human Events Daily, don't watch this show. Because we're not going to sugarcoat things around here… I'm here to tell you it's going to get worse.”

Hyperescalation is now upon us, folks. You must be ready, he concluded.” “Governments are being toppled, hyperescalation on its front, presidents gagged, who knows what's going to come?”

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