AUSTIN PETERSEN: Shed no tears for pedophiles and communists

As liberal women in New York City celebrate the murder of liberal women in Israel, I’m reminded of the old phrase that starts, “the only good communist is a …”

If you know the rest of the phrase then you probably believe it. Or maybe you do know it, and you don’t agree with it. I do.

Speaking of, while i's almost hard to remember, given all that's happened, but last week we saw the death of three leftist activists, all three murdered by the type of people their activism was aimed at supporting. Isn’t it ironic?

Start with Josh Kruger, a Philly area lefty journalist, murdered in his home but surrounded by the things he loved: mostly drugs. And his cat. Kruger spent his career downplaying violence in his home city, and chastising anyone who suggested that when he was victimized that he should consider owning a gun to protect himself. When he wasn’t tweeting that we should punch Nazis, he was advocating to defund the police.

He was also reportedly a pedophile, and his alleged murderer claims that Kruger gave him drugs and filmed them having sex. If true, then all Kruger would need to win "Leftist Trash Bingo" would be to have also been not only a moderator of a Discord channel. Either way, he will be remembered for not only for being a child pornographer and pedophile, but for his lifetime of service to George Soros, and his ill timed tweet a few days before he died ripping on Dilbert creator Scott Adams; suggesting that if Biden is elected you’ll be dead within a year. Perhaps being two years off isn’t quite Nostradamus level but it’s good enough for government work. How sad for him, and lucky for well-adjusted human beings, that he failed to foresee his own demise.

Meanwhile, committed anti-racist and owner of three cats Pava LaPere spent her career in tech chastising corporations for not being woke enough. She was allegedly murdered by Jason Billingsly, a convicted rapist who was set free by legislation that gave him “good behavior” credits under a Soros backed DA. Billingsly had previously raped, duct taped, and set another woman on fire in a separate incident for which he received even lesser charges. It’s believed that LaPere let him into her luxury apartment building when he claimed he lost his keys. LaPere became a victim to the liberal female mindset that it’s somehow better to be raped and murdered than to look like you might be a racist. Well, it's better for us that she's dead, at least.

And finally we come to Ryan Carson: A Brooklyn Antifa activist, who in life celebrated the death of Rush Limbaugh, and mocked the police (who would hunt down his killer) as subhuman. His death will serve a purpose at least. His Marxist girlfriend, who stood by and watched him die, would live to become a capitalist herself. She’s raised nearly $100,000 on a GoFundMe for her and her commie friends to take time off work to grieve. Lovely.

A certain kind of pearl-clutching infant will no doubt complain that delighting in the deaths even of these malcontented degenerates is somehow beyond the pale. These are no doubt the same people who considered themselves conservatives only because they enjoyed tone policing others. But this is Trump's conservative movement now; the pearl-clutching caucus have all either realized that it's better to have victory over their enemies than to bitch about mean tweets, or have ended up turning traitor and becoming Never Trumpers.

As for me, I don't mourn these people anymore than I'd mourn the death of Stalin, Pol Pot, the leaders of Hamas, or Che Guevara, whose assassination by the CIA must be one of the last based things the agency did. Granted, those people were leaders, and no one would mistake pedophilic soyboys or poster children for Cluster B disorders for leadership material. But being enthusiastic footsoldiers of tyranny, murder, and deceit does not make you better than the leader; it just make you a useful idiot of theirs. It’s not wrong to be glad when scum is rid from the world. And even better when their violent ends are the result of their misdeeds and ill behavior. Irony is a beautiful thing.

And frankly, even if you may still think I'm wrong, let's be frank: Every one of these people would have delighted in your death, as they did with Rush Limbaugh. They might even have tried to see to it. They were threats to decency everywhere, and so I say, good riddance to bad rubbish. 

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