JACK POSOBIEC: 'We outsourced our jobs and we imported Hamas rallies'

In response to a video surfacing of over a thousand pro-Palestinians in Michigan cheering on declarations that Hamas is not a terrorist organization at a rally in Dearborn, Jack Posobiec hosted Republican primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on his show Wednesday to unpack what is going on in the United States as war escalates in the Middle East.

Ramaswamy said that amid the ongoing terror against the Israelis “we have to still adopt a response here that puts American interests first.”

He continued that his view is “Israel has absolutely the right and responsibility to defend itself, that the United States should absolutely be diplomatically and morally and even in terms of munitions behind Israel as it does.”

“Because Israel is not the same situation as Ukraine,” he noted. “Israel matters to the US national interest in a way that Ukraine does not.”

He stated that the US government needs to declare American support for Israel “in a way that is very clear, we will not be in favor of a broader regional war that draws the United States into it.”

Ramaswamy averred that the atrocities Israel is experiencing from foreign terrorists need to be a wake-up call to the American people and government, as its “vulnerable” homeland currently has open borders and “anti Americanism running rampant.”

Posobiec pointed out the hypocrisy of other candidates in the Republican presidential primary rightfully showing outrage over the attacks on Israel but neglecting the imminent problems facing the United States such as “thousands” of deaths from fentanyl that enters the country from Mexico illegally.

Vivek agreed and added that putting “the interests of citizens in our own homeland first” does not mean “we’re isolationist.”

He also pointed out that the situation in Israel versus Ukraine needs to be analyzed separately and it is not fair for American leadership to put the interests of foreign countries over the interests of the United States.

“And the fact of the matter is,” he stated, “that has not been shared by much of the Republican Party for a very long time. It hasn't been, dating back to the Bush era. I think people are now viewing this vacuum and this election as a chance to revive that Republican Party of old.”

Vivek advised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu to heed the lessons learned by America in the wake of 9/11 and the “knee-jerk emotional responses” our government had that saw years of war with Iraq.

Posobiec turned his attention again to the surfaced video in which an Arab American speaker is seen declaring: “if you don’t support the Palestinians, you have no humanity.”

“What are these people doing in our country? Why are they bringing the blood feud and the tribal conflicts from thousands of miles away here into our shores?” Posobiec asked before reminding his audience that this rally took place in the center of the Rust Belt.

“We outsourced our jobs and we imported Hamas rallies,” he declared.

He called for the US government to “denaturalize and deport” those who are pro-violence and pro-terrorism.

“Get out,” Posobiec declared. “You won the lucky lottery and you got to come to the United States and you’re going to act like this? No, guess what. This is still the United States of America and the people of this country have a sacred right as to who is in it and who isn’t.”

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